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How to Prepare Safely And Efficiently

Planning for your move is important at the best of times but it is essential to do so during the coronavirus pandemic. Ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to pack and be ready for your movers by thinking ahead. Also, pre-empting anything you may need by getting vital supplies in early. You do not want to waste time by having to go to the shop having forgotten something and be stuck in a time consuming, socially distanced line that takes twice as long as the average shopping trip. This will both frustrate you and delay proceedings ahead of the move. Be sensible and get things within your control in place now to avoid stress further down the process. This post will help you prepare to move during COVID.

We have compiled some handy tips to prepare for your mid COVID-19 move:

Communication and Confirmation

All companies, including moving firms will be safeguarding customers and putting extra provisions in place to comply with COVID advisory measures for businesses. It is important to confirm proceedings with your moving company to ensure you understand what is expected of you and the detail of what the movers will be carrying out during this difficult time. Be safe and contact them for peace of mind.


Estimate what packing materials you will need for each room and each person’s belongings in the house. Then, you’ll have a rough idea of what you need but our advice is to purchase extra on top of that number. It is always better to have too much rather than not enough when moving. Try and buy everything you require in one go and avoid multiple trips and putting yourself at risk of catching the virus.

Do Not Pack It Before You Clean It

It is a great idea to clean as you pack. No matter how rigid your cleaning regime is at home or how strict you may think you are with your cleanliness routine around the house, there will always be something that gets missed. Take the opportunity before you box it or wrap it, to sanitize each and every item thus avoiding any risk. Wipe your belongs down with some disinfectant spray to protect both you and your movers.

24 Hour Packing Rule

To prepare to move during COVID, pack in advance. Reports vary but it is universally accepted that germs and bacteria are present on surfaces for a long period of time unless regularly cleaned. Early indications are that coronavirus can live on cardboard boxes for up to 24 hours. With this in mind, show some consideration for your movers by packing  your boxes at least a day before your scheduled moving date.

Coronavirus Pandemic: What Else Can I Do To Stay Safe During My Move?

It is a period of uncertainty for all. Protocols and regulations are constantly changing as the lockdown eases and the virus peaks and dips. It is an unprecedented time which can breed anxiety and confusion but if you follow recommendations as they come out and keep up to date with the latest guidelines, you will have done everything in your power to keep you and your loved ones safe during your move.

  • As with most things, if you need to cancel your move, the earlier you do so the better. Contacting your movers if you need to reschedule or cancel quickly will benefit you, as will asking them the procedures for such an option if you are not sure what to do.
  • If you are travelling abroad for your move, plan accordingly. When booking flights or temporary accommodation while your home is being prepared check if they are refundable. Don’t proceed without studying the cancellation policy.
  • Let your mover know immediately if you or anyone in your family is experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Movers may still go ahead but with additional protocols. It is important to be transparent to keep both parties safe. Including, if you are isolating due to exposure or any COVID-like scenarios that come with potential risk


  • Check whether your moving company will be bringing their own hygiene products or if you are expected to provide them. If you do not have hand sanitizer then putting out soap and paper towels is better than having nothing at all. Movers will follow company hygiene practices and if you can support this it is in both your and the mover’s best interests.
  • Those in a high-risk group should reconsider moving at this time. If at all possible, it is better to stay where you are and safely relocate at a later date post-COVID-19. The over-60 population and those with cardiovascular and pre-existing respiratory conditions would be taking a huge risk to proceed with a move and caution is the best option.

These are some suggestions to prepare to move during COVID. While the pandemic continuing to impact the entire world, it is still possible to implement the right practices to ensure that you make your move as safe as possible.  It takes common sense, good hygiene and planning to make your move a success.

We hope you found this blog post on How To Stay Safe From COVID While Packing And Relocating To Another Country useful. Be sure to check out our post on Tips for Moving During COVID-19 to a New Place for more great tips!


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