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You can find multiple filters in your swimming pool. Sometimes, your filters can get clogged due to large debris and chemicals. You can change the filters of your pool, and filters come with booster pumps, chlorinators, and heaters. So you can easily use glue to install such filters.

But if you do not have any idea about such filters then you cannot replace them. You can hire a pool cleaning service for these tasks. They will inspect your pool along with the surrounding area, and increase the lifespan of your pool by keeping the pumps, sweeps, and heater in good shape.

Different types of Pool Cleaning Tools:

If you do not want to hire a pool cleaning service for your small swimming pool, then you can use the following tools to maintain your swimming pool.

1. Leaf rake: You can use this tool to remove floating leaves and tree branches from the pool water. You must remove such leaves from the water because they can spread bacterial infection and fungus in the water. Plus, floating leaves on the pool make it very unattractive. You can use a leaf rake to keep your pool surface clean.

2. Skimmer: You cannot use the leaf rake to remove the small particles from the pool surface, You need to use a skimmer for this. A skimmer can trap the smallest particles and you can easily remove them from the pool. Such small particles can form a layer on the pool water surface. This is one of the main causes of chemical imbalances. To maintain the chemical balance of your pool water, you must remove such foreign particles from the pool.

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3. Brush: Sometimes you can find a huge amount of dirt accumulated at the bottom of the pool. Your entire family is using the same pool, and their body chemicals, like sweat, deodorant, soap, and hairs can contaminate the pool water. These chemicals will be deposited on the walls and bottom of the pool and you need to use a brush to remove these chemicals.

The brush is attached to a telescopic arm that lets the pool cleaner brush the bottom of the pool without getting in the water. So you can easily remove stubborn stains from the pool bottom by using this brush.

4. Vacuum attachments: You cannot remove crud from the pool by using a brush – you need to use vacuum attachments. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck dirt from the bottom of the pool. You may have installed slip-resistant tiles in your pool, but the tiles with time become slippery due to crud and you must remove this crud to keep your family safe.

So you need to buy such tools and you must invest a huge amount to purchase them. Plus, you have to spend your weekends on pool cleaning. To save your time and money, you can easily hire a local pool cleaning service. They have some advanced pool cleaning tools and they will bring such tools to clean your pool. You do not need to buy any tools to clean your pool and you can make an annual maintenance contract with a reliable pool cleaning service to save costs.

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