Moving into an Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is always thrilling. However, you shouldn’t let your excitement blind you so you don’t see some important details of your new home. A lot could be wrong in an apartment that you may not notice at first.

Therefore, before signing a lease, take enough time to ensure everything, from the quality of the construction to the plumbing and electricity, works correctly. Here are some essential things to help make your inspection easier. 

The HVAC System

The HVAC system regulates temperature, airflow, and humidity in your home. Without a properly functioning system, your apartment will be uncomfortable. A faulty HVAC can also increase your utility bills.

Therefore, ensure the HVAC system in the apartment is working correctly. However, this can be daunting, especially if you aren’t an HVAC expert. The good news is that you can prepare for a comprehensive evaluation of your HVAC system by hiring an experienced technician before you move in.

An expert will assess essential components of the system, such as the thermostat, air filters, furnace blower motor, and ductwork. Based on their findings, the technician will provide you with a written report you can present to your property manager. Before signing the lease, you should ensure the manager fixes all the issues the HVAC expert highlighted.


Walls protect you and your family from the elements. They also add style and character to your space. Unfortunately, walls can also hide many problems that could affect your comfort and safety.

Therefore, before moving into your new apartment, thoroughly inspect the walls. Check for cracks or damage that can weaken their structural integrity or let in pests. If you find any problems, notify your landlord immediately so that he can have them repaired.

Additionally, use this opportunity to inspect the paintwork. An ideal paint job should be professional with no visible imperfections. The color should also be consistent throughout the apartment.

The Floor

Before moving into a new apartment, you must carefully inspect the condition of the flooring to ensure that it meets the required standards. A good floor should be sturdy and smooth and provide plenty of support to prevent injury and tripping. It should also complement the overall style of your apartment.

When inspecting floors, look for any holes or stains that could affect their integrity. Do not ignore minor areas like behind the furniture and under the kitchen units. It would help if you also tugged on the edges of the carpeting and floorboards to ensure they are not loose.

Finally, check for signs of improperly installed flooring, such as gaps or popping nails. You don’t want to step on these hazards as they can result in injuries.

The Electrical Work

Moving into an apartment with faulty wiring can be dangerous. Not only could it lead to electrical shocks and fires, but it can also cause extensive damage to your electronics.

To ensure your safety, call an electrician to conduct an electrical safety check before you move into your prospective apartment. The electrician will help you inspect electrical outlets, light switches, and wiring. If there are any issues with the electrical system, ask the property manager to fix them before your move.

The Plumbing System

A faulty plumbing system can wreak havoc on your life. It can leak or burst anytime, causing water damage to your property. To avoid such costly problems, conduct a thorough inspection of the plumbing system in your prospective apartment.

You should check for leaks under sinks, toilets, and water heaters. Moreover, be keen on faucets and the shower’s pressure balance valve because these elements easily wear out over time. Leaky water outlets can result in high water bills and property damage. 

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors should open and shut smoothly without any squeaking or sticking. They should also have proper locks to keep out intruders.

Check for any problems with the windows and doors by running your hands along the frame and opening and closing them a few times. If you struggle to operate the doors or windows, this could indicate a problem. 

Additionally, inspect the insulation around the doors and windows to see if there are leaks. Insulation problems can increase energy costs and lead to mold buildup.

We hope you found this blog post on Essential Things to Check, Inspect Before Moving into an Apartment useful. Be sure to check out our post on The Ultimate Checklist: Necessities For Moving into a New Apartment for more great tips!

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