Antique Furniture

Nowadays, more and more homes are getting contemporary treatment, which involves decorating with minimalism, comfort, and convenience in mind. In a world where this is the norm, decorating your place with period furniture seems like a more practical option. Old tastes are emerging, and homeowners are starting to appreciate the benefits of going down the antique furniture route for their home improvement project.

  • The Charm of Antique Furniture

Antique stores date back to the Renaissance Era when old paintings and sculptures were sold. They made another resurgence in the 1920s when the antique shops that we know of today began popping up. These pieces of furniture were usually bought by the wealthy to decorate their mansions because they represented their social status.

Mankind has always been fond of the warm feeling of nostalgia. That’s why those wealthy families found joy in decorating their homes with antique and vintage furniture. And the reason people get excited about objects from the past goes beyond their antiquity; it’s because of the stories attached to these items of yore.

The charm of antique furniture lies in the stories attached to each piece. Shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers, for instance, have shone the spotlight on vintage objects, proving that vintage items are not only available but accessible, as well.

Since antiques have been passed from one generation to another, it can be fascinating to retrace its roots. These narratives breathe life, depth, and meaning to your furniture pieces—a quality that modern furniture may lack.

Contrasting Styles

  • Contrasting Styles: Contemporary vs. Antique

Two design styles exist: contemporary and antique. Contemporary styles feature furniture that appears light, airy, and minimalist. Often, they have bold, unusual shapes with dominant blacks, whites, and other neutral colors. Moreover, lighting materials for contemporary designs are usually thin and metallic. They provide a great contrast when placed alongside furniture items or designs with striking colors.

On the other hand, antique furniture is more detailed and garish. They can range from wooden coffee tables to handmade rugs. While antique furniture may not be the cheapest option for interior design, you are guaranteed better quality and durability. After all, old objects do not depreciate and get better with age.

Antique furniture also has better craftsmanship than modern pieces. And that’s why the saying, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to,” holds true, especially when it comes to home furnishings. In a world preoccupied with consumerism and mass production, today’s furniture mostly carries a different soul and spirit than antique furniture pieces. This not only results in a better-looking product but a piece that is sturdy enough to last for a few generations.

Things to Remember About Antique Furniture Shopping

Antique Furniture Shopping

  • Embrace period furniture imperfections

Since you are dealing with old furniture when antique shopping, you will most likely encounter furniture pieces with imperfections like scratches, dents, or discolorations. But even old items that have suffered from wear and tear over the years can hold a certain appeal, so learn how to embrace these imperfections. You can also use these scratches to your advantage through bargaining. Any evidence of damage can, after all, help you obtain a better price.

  • Restore and refine old pieces

You may opt to bring worn down pieces of furniture back to life by taking on a restoration project. Take the time to inspect the old pieces to help research its origin. If it isn’t a rare antique, you can have a professional restore it to its previous state. Or you may also want to clean your antique furniture more often than the contemporary pieces you own to preserve their quality.

  • Collect furniture pieces from different periods

Your home doesn’t have to look like a museum of traditional interior design or a period-specific stage set. Your home also isn’t a time capsule, so feel free to collect furniture pieces from different periods. Sticking to a single era can be limiting, and it can be harder finding pieces from the period you choose. On a similar vein, don’t confine yourself to well-known brands when shopping for antiques. Some unknown names offer good quality furniture, too.

  • Mix and match your furniture pieces

Did you know that home decorators are designing homes with both period pieces and contemporary furniture? While this may sound odd at first glance, mixing modern and antique can create a sense of balance. Try pairing traditional tables with modern chairs for a dynamic dining room set-up. You can also mix vintage handmade rugs with modern coffee tables.

Antique Furniture

  • Antique Furniture Is Alive and Well

A growing number of people are rediscovering the appeal of antique furniture. Thanks to its craftsmanship, durability, and overall beauty, antique furniture can spice up your home. At a time when modern furniture may have been already played out, antique furniture will make your next home improvement project a lot more interesting.

  • Considering your Moving Needs

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Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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