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Is it Safe to Move to  Wasilla?

Located in the south-central part of the state, Wasilla is the largest community in rural Alaska. It also happens to be one of the safest cities in the entire state.

That’s partly due to its rural location and relatively small size. When we think about rural areas, the first thing that comes to mind are wildfires and floods. With only about 7,000 people living here, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for problems to occur. And for those that do, our brave men and women in uniform are always a phone call away.

The population is mostly made up of Native Alaskans. Roughly speaking, there are four tribes in Alaska: Eskimo, Aleut, and Native American.

Eskimos are the original inhabitants of the state. The community in which you’ll find the iconic ‘Eskimo Village’ is truly one of a kind. Not only does it offer visitors the opportunity to see an authentic Alaska village life, it also hosts an annual Eskimo festival in May that features music, dance, and cultural demonstrations.

The Aleut are a tribe from California that were transplanted to Alaska during the 1800s. These days, you’ll find Aleuts in Alaska making a living as commercial fisherman, oil workers, and subsistence hunters and gatherers. So if you want to live in a safe city check out houses for sale Wasilla Alaska.

Wasilla’s Parks Recreation Services Offer Second-to-None Outdoor Fun

In addition to its wilderness areas, Wasilla is known for its award-winning parks and recreation services. Those who visit the city know about the amazing work that takes place here. The Parks and Recreation Department has developed a massive trail system surrounding the city. There are currently 23 officially designated trails, which are all wheelchair accessible. Some trails meander through wetlands and forests, while others lead to former mining sites, glaciers, and lakes.

The trails are used for hiking, biking, rollerblading, and snowshoeing. In the winter, the lakes freeze over and become perfect places for ice skating. In the summer, people come from near and far to take a dip in the lakes’ crystal-clear water. As you might imagine, a 23-trail system in a city this size poses a lot of maintenance issues.The trails need to be cleared and maintained, and new routes need to be added as the city grows.

Meanwhile, as part of the city’s effort to remain green and sustainable, residents, businesses, and visitors are encouraged to use alternative transportation. Accordingly, the city has implemented a variety of measures, including bike lanes, car-free Saturdays, and a bike share program.

In addition, Wasilla holds an annual car show and swap meet that highlights vintage cars, pickups, and other four-wheeled vehicles. There isn’t a specific theme to the event, but the city dedicates a whole week to it. The event has been going on for more than 40 years and is one of the city’s biggest events. Families come from all over the world to participate.

Wasilla is a city built on safety. And it shows. No other city in the state comes close when it comes to earning that title. It could be because of the size of the place, or it could be that folks here just take safety and security seriously.

Create a Safer And More Secure Environment For Residents

The community of Wasilla is working hard to become the safest and most secure city in Alaska. In 2018, they dedicated considerable resources towards improving crime and municipal security. The city council passed a resolution to support 100% community policing. This kind of policing takes the community as a whole and involves everyone, including residents, schools, and businesses. It means that instead of just paying attention to the police, residents should look out for one another and report any suspicious activity. It also urges vigilance against all types of crime, including gun violence.

The city government understands that schools pose a serious security risk. They therefore restricted security at the high school and elementary school. As a result, fewer students feel threatened and are more likely to come forward and report crimes committed by their peers. This, in turn, results in fewer and less severe crimes being committed throughout the year.

Raise Education And Awareness About Crime And Safety

The community of Wasilla is committed to raising awareness and educating parents, students, and the public about crime and safety. Through various campaigns and events, they aim to deter students from acting on violent impulses and encourage those who have been negatively impacted by crime to come forward and speak out about their experiences.

The City of Wasilla has also partnered with the Alaska Center for Disease Control (ACDC) to develop and deliver a violence prevention curriculum for students and teachers. It addresses core concepts like consent and mutual respect and builds on these through interactive lessons that use real-life examples and scenarios.

According to one study, only 38% of school shooters meet the traditional profile of a school shooter. The rest are influenced by societal or environmental factors, such as the school security officer’s fatal shooting of two students in 2017.

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