secrets for stress-free moving

Moving is exciting. However, moving your belongings can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. Ask anyone, and they will narrate a story of last-minute panic and unnecessary stress on moving day. Of course, we make it even harder by underestimating the task and procrastinating till the final day. Here are some Little-Known Secrets For Stress-Free Moving.

From learning how to pack expensive kitchen crockery to packing a first-day moving kit- here is a list of hacks for stress-free moving. Remember, these ideas will help you settle down easily in the new place:

1- Start early

Like we discussed earlier, procrastinating will only cause more stress. Moving into a new home is not a piece of cake and you must plan. Review every room of your house and check all your closets to see how much stuff you have. It will help you decide whether you need a moving company or you can handle everything yourself.

If you need professional help, ask your friends and family for recommendations so you can line up a suitable moving company for the big day.

Before finalizing a moving company, make sure that they are licensed in case anything goes wrong.

2- Pack an essentials box

If you have moved before, you’ll know that the first few days in the home are chaotic and you can’t rip all the boxes open on the first day. You’ll be required to do some careful planning and that’s when the essentials box comes in. Make sure you have the right kind of tapes to pack every box.

Before you make the big move, prepare an essentials box that you’ll need for the last few nights before moving or the first few nights in your new home. This box should be the last one you pack before you move out.

Ideally, the essentials box should have must-haves like toiletries, a change of clothes and all other items you’ll need after unpacking like a box cutter, cleaning and trash bags.

3- Lists are your best friend

Whether you are moving to a new state or the home next door, your tasks involve so much more than packing your things. You should plan everything beforehand such as scheduling the time of the movers and planning your meals at the end of a hectic day. This is when a trusted old pen and paper will come in handy.

Lists can save you a lot of time and other hassles. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you move to your new place:

  • Make sure you cancel all your utilities and pay off at least a month before moving. This means you must sort out all your electricity, water and gas bills. Inform your service providers that you moving out.
  • Update your address on all important documents such as bank statements, club memberships and redirect your mail through the Post Office.

4- De-clutter for stress-free moving

Moving to a new home is the perfect time to let go of the hoarder inside us. You’ll be surprised to find the number of empty bottles in your kitchen and old magazines stored in the attic. Use this time to de-clutter and decrease your load by giving away unwanted things to charity or have a garage sale and earn extra bucks.

5- Mark all the boxes

Once you’re done packing all your boxes, it’s time to start with the labeling. Color-coded labels and markers are life-savers and can make the process easy.

Whether you are packing on your own or have hired a professional to do the work, make sure you label every box. Prominent labels will make unpacking a breeze and you won’t have to fish for cutlery in a box full of clothes.


Even if you have moved in the past, you will forget something important at the last minute. Before you realize it, it will be tucked under a big suitcase. This is why we recommend carrying lists with you at all times.

Moving to a new house does not have to be a headache if done correctly. Simply put, you must prioritize your tasks and plan. You might not realize it, but packing takes a toll on you. If you feel you’re short on time, hire a professional moving company to make things easy for you.

On the final moving day, be kind to the movers and everyone else you come across. Take things slowly and smoothly. Keep your nerves intact and a bit of courtesy will go a long way.

We hope these hacks will help you and make moving a stress-free and exciting experience. Do you have any helpful stress-free moving tips to share with us? Let us know.

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