Military Car Shipping

For the selfless services offered by military officials, the military car shipping process is nothing but a token of appreciation and expressing gratitude for their work. If you are an active member of the military looking for ways to ship your car across the country, this article can be helpful.

Whether you want to move a heavy-duty vehicle or a small-size car, you can easily ship your vehicle anywhere across the country by fulfilling certain eligibility criteria. Here are a few military car shipping basics that you should know.

So, without further ado, let us begin this article by understanding in brief what the military shipping process is.

What is the Military shipping service?

Military shipping services are the shipping services available for active members of the military in the USA. Active military officials can ship a car across the country for free costs or at a discounted price through the car shipping military discount scheme offered by car shippers or shipping companies. The cost of shipping vehicles under this program might differ from state to state, and other factors involved in the process.

Factors such as pick-up and drop-off location, type of vehicle, type of services, door-to-door auto transport, and more can highly influence the cost of shipping your car from one place to another.

Who is eligible?

It is important to note that not everyone can take advantage of the military process of shipping a car from one state to another state. Only eligible members who fall under certain categories can enjoy the benefits of this program. You will be eligible under the military shipping program or service only if

  • You are an active military member of duty military service or armed forces
  • You have received a permanent change of station orders
  • You are an authorized retiree
  • You are a DoD civilian with appropriate orders by the authorities.

Furthermore, the program is not only limited to the fulfillment of eligibility requirements. The program also involves restrictions on the type of vehicles to be shipped across the country. Vehicles that are wheeled motor and self-propelled are allowed to ship under this program. For other types of vehicles, it is recommended to check the rules and regulations and the clearance process involved to ship your car from one place to another.

It is recommended to hire services from only reputable and reliable auto shipping companies. A genuine shipping company will help you understand all the formalities before shipping your car to the desired location. They can also assist you with fulfilling all the legal formalities involved in the interstate car shipping process, such as car shipping to Texas or other states. 

How much does it cost to ship a car to the military? 

Does the military ship your car free?Well, the answer to this question depends on several other factors.

The cost to ship a car or vehicle under this program differs from state to state. It can be challenging to state the exact cost as several factors are involved in the shipping process. Factors such as distance between pickup and delivery location, type of vehicle, type of shipping services, shipping companies, time of the year, and availability of labor can highly affect the overall cost to ship your car. 

How to ship a car to the military base?   

To ship a car to your military base, all you have to do is follow some simple process. Visit the website of the service provider of your choice. Check their years of experience and the types of services they provide under the military shipping program. Only if you are satisfied with their services, you can consider booking your services.

You can easily book your shipping services by filling out the necessary details on their website or simply getting in touch with one of their representatives. Ensure to meet your service provider in person before finalizing your services.

We hope, with this article, you were able to find solutions to all your ‘ship my car military’concerns. Ensure to ask relevant to your service provider before finalizing services to avoid legal intricacies and other related issues.

We hope you found this blog post on Military Car Shipping: How to Ship A Car Under Military Shipping? useful. Be sure to check out our post on The Best Ways to Move Multiple Cars When Moving Homes for more great tips!

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