Ah! It’s finally time to make a move, right?

The level of bewilderment one feels while relocating depends upon either the reason to move or the strenuous tasks that moving includes. All the boxes scattered around your house, lack of order, and even financial matters can be quite overwhelming. Then there is some natural disquietude of leaving your current place, which adds to the stress. Here are some Moving Hacks: How to Make Relocating Less Stressful.

If you are feeling emotional, you can find solace in an inspirational anonymous quote, which goes like, “happiness doesn’t have just one address.” We highly encourage you to look forward and beyond your current abode if you want to feel contented!

If you are not doing it in an organized way with a proper plan, moving can be quite stressful and trigger excessive anxiety. Stay put! As you are certainly not alone in this.

In 2018, 10.1% of American populations moved houses. In 2019, interstate moves accounted for 54.5% of all relocations in the US, while 45.5% of them were local. It seems like although it’s hard, moving is quite a norm in the US for whatever reasons it is done.

To make matters less stressful for you, we will advise you about some smart solutions to the problems related to relocating. The tips we are about to tell you will help you avoid common mistakes if you are a renter, shifting locally, or even interstate.

1. Plan sell-outs, bookings way ahead of moving

First things first, prefer selling items that you wish to swap with new ones or don’t want to use them in your new house.

To avoid last moment hustles, put up online ads for the stuff you are selling, at least a month before shifting. This will allow you to focus adequately on selling the stuff by taking good quality pictures and writing a proper description to get a better price.

Not only will you be able to make a good deal out of the sale, but it will also rid you off with extra stuff (fewer things to worry about). The time frame will be enough for you to choose the best buyer, which cannot be possible if done during the hectic moving week.

2. Analyze storage options if you are relocating to a smaller space

Assess the size of the home that you are moving to and accordingly decide what you can possibly carry over there.

If you are moving temporarily to a smaller house, you may want to keep some furniture or extra stuff that you intend to use later.

Now, you might get perplexed about what to do with such things and where to keep them safe? A brilliant way to store such stuff is by renting safe and clean storage units. You can place your valuable items without any worries in these storage units, even before you begin packing other stuff.

 Storage unit

In addition to smart solutions to your storage needs, you can also get moving and packing supplies easily from the locations of these storage units. These supplies can come quite handy while shifting.

3. Weigh the pros and cons of hiring professional movers

Fearing for damage to your beloved belongings, you might be thinking whether hiring professional movers and packers would be a wise decision? Or you should better take things in your own hands?

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, 47% of people move themselves, while 19% hire professionals for the cause.

We would instead suggest a mix of both. As personal belongings need to be packed yourself, you can take responsibility for that portion of work. This will ensure careful handling of your documents, jewelry, precious clothes, makeup, medicines, and toiletries. It will also help you memorize what thing is kept where.

For more challenging tasks like packing, loading, and unloading of more substantial stuff, choose a reliable moving service that offers affordable rates.

A professional team of movers can pack things like books, appliances, kitchen stuff, and furniture.

A professional packer and mover will also make relocation a much hassle-free task as they take care of loading, unloading, efficient handling, and finally, unpacking.

On the other hand, you can focus on other things, like setting up your new place. Be courteous enough and offer them food and beverage upon reaching as they too must have been drained like you.

4. Dismantle everything at least two days before you move

Call the electrician, plumber, or carpenter three days before relocating to disassemble things like furniture, electronics, or ceiling fans. Your goal should be to dismantle everything and pack it so that no part gets lost or damaged in a hurry.

Pack away hinges, mounting hooks, and screws safely in a box. But don’t forget to assort them in zip locks for each item. A mix-up will cause frustration later on.

5. Get rid of useless stuff before packing

Look around your place with a spying eye for junk. You will find numerous things that won’t be useful in your new house. Paper clutter, broken stuff, spare Tupperware lids, damaged kitchen utensils, or matted carpets need to be tossed away.

The only thing which doesn’t makes sense in your new place, but we will highly advise you to keep anyway, is recyclable items. Read on to know how they could be the biggest lifesaver for your belongings as you pack.

6. Upcycle things to secure your belongings

Use disposable plates between crockery items to give them padding, empty toilet rolls to pack chords, and rags to cushion fragile items. You can also repurpose blown polythene bags or bubble wrap to seal liquid-filled bottles and light bulbs.

Pool noodles can rescue mirrors and frames while moving if you cover their sides with it. Use old newspaper to cover perfume and other glass bottles to prevent breakage.

7. Organized packing to save time and energy

Cover hanging clothes with a bin bag to keep them in the suitcase in a hassle-free way. Also, fold organizers and keep it in the suitcases as it is. It will help you unpack quickly and set up the new wardrobes in very little time.

Pack spice jars inside cookware with lids. Moreover, avoid the risk of spills by securing liquid makeup and toiletries in cling wraps.

8. Label everything to minimize stressful unpacking

Do not wait till the end to label everything in one go. Once a box is ready, write what’s in it and where it should be placed in the new home. Such directions will direct the movers on how to handle a specific box, and where to leave it in your new place.

9. Pack a survival bag for the moving day

After moving, it can take a while until you settle in your new home. Unpacking big boxes to take out things for immediate use will not be a fun thing to do after a tiring day of moving. Therefore, it will be an intelligent decision to pack a separate medium-sized bag for easy access to something that you will need on an immediate basis.

In the survival bag, keep one pair of clothes for each family member, some basic toiletries, and medicines. Don’t forget to throw in some snacks and disposable plates and cups. If there are kids with you, keep a few books, a tablet with a portable charger, or their favorite toys to distract them as they would undoubtedly become cranky.

Keep a handbag with you that keeps your precious belongings like your laptop, jewelry, exclusive documentation, essential cards, and keys. This will relieve much of your stress for sure as we freak out if any of these things get lost.

10. Prepare the new place before moving there

It is advised to address any fixes like electric or plumbing work before you move in. Also, you will need to clean the house properly and put some basic toiletries and towels in the bathrooms.

Consider placing inflatable mattresses beforehand so that you can relax after taking a bath even if the bed has not yet been assembled on a moving day.

The feeling of accomplishing the task of moving successfully will feel even more rewarding if you can eat, shower, and relax appropriately at the end of the day.


The Takeaway

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart!” –Confucius

Imagine relocation as a project and treat it like one. From the strategizing part to the completion of each task, do it in a highly organized manner.

As a result, your sanity will be maintained, and there will be absolutely no stress about moving. Instead, direct your feelings and thoughts towards the new home that you are about to inhabit with your loved ones and make countless memories with them.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog on the Moving Hacks: How to Make Relocating Less Stressful useful. For more tips, check out this Moving Checklist: What to Ensure Before the Move-In. This will ensure to bring you up to speed and not miss a beat!

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