Moving house checklist

Congratulations! You are about to move to a new house. But hold on for a second. Have a checklist of important things so that no blunder can be made or no fuss is created once you moved to your new house! Shifting to a new home is equally a challenging task. We have come up with this moving house checklist; we hope that it will make your journey a little stress-free.

Checklist # 1

Do a walkthrough into your new house while it is empty. In this way, you can better strategize where the belongings and furniture will fit in. Get a measuring tape as well and determine beforehand whether big furniture pieces will be able to easily get unload in the respective room or not.

In addition, doing a walkthrough will make you check whether agreed upon repairing has been done. If you find any issue, please make sure to report it as soon as possible before you officially moved to the new house. There are some companies that offer 3-D scans. You can seek their services too. If there are major construction problems in the house or repairs are required then is good to seek help of estimating services beforehand.

Checklist # 2

Ensure the new house is safe for your children and pets. It is generally tough for kids and pets to get adjust in an entirely new environment. So, keep in mind this important point. Check the doors and windows should not have sharp edges. If they do have, repair them, otherwise your kid or pet may get hurt.

Checklist # 3

Think about a workable unpacking plan. Unpacking the boxes looks such a challenging and exhausting task. So, plan out beforehand how things will proceed. It is advised to label the boxes to avoid further fuss. Prioritize which boxes should be unpacked first. You can start off with the kitchen and utensils stuff, then laundry and later on other boxes.

Checklist # 4

Before moving to new house, you must set up the gas, water and electricity connection. Obviously who wish to spend their very first night in the house without the access of utilities and connectivity?  Furthermore, set up the Wi-Fi and phone connection.

Checklist # 5

Remember that you did a walkthrough before formally moving into a new home! During that practice, you must also locate where the circuit breaker, water valve, gas connection and fuse box is. You never know when the power or gas goes out. So, have a prior knowledge about these utilities’ connections.

Checklist # 6

Safety matters a lot while moving to your new home sweet home. You, your children and pet must feel safe in that new place. So, what can be done is to set up a full-proof security system. Replace the old locks; install motion detectors and surveillance cameras, a smart doorbell and tons of other things which you think are unnecessary.

Checklist # 7

While your new house is empty, you must deep clean it. Clean every floorboard, door and window. By deep cleaning, we mean you must disinfect every nook and cranny of that house. Scrub down everything and voila, you will be super happy and excited to move into that lush new home.

Checklist # 8

Exploring the new neighborhood remains equally important. While taking a break from unpacking, what you can do is to explore the new area, meet your neighborhood residents and look for the points of interest. This way, you and your family will not feel any longer stranger.

Checklist # 9

Update your contact details so that your old neighborhood fellows can easily communicate with you. Notify the important people before you move to a new area. Moreover, the change of address should be notified to local council for tax purposes, bank, Inland Revenue and electoral roll.

Checklist # 10

Keep the valuables secure during moving process. Many people have lost their valuables while they moved to a new home. This can be the biggest loss if you experience it also! Keep important documents, jewelry and other paperwork in the safest place and hands. Instead of keeping them in the loader van, carry them in your car.

What to pack for the first night in your new house?

  • For you, it should be bedding, toilet paper, hand soap, towel, work clothes and first aid kit.
  • For the kids, pack travel cot or bedding, night light, iPad for entertainment and toys if necessary.
  • For the pets, you must pack pet food, toys, collars, water and food bowls, crate, waste bags and any medication if needed
  • For eating, you should have paper plates and paper cups, breakfast items, some basic cutlery, snacks, water, kettle for making tea and a bottle opener.


That is all! We have shared in-detail the moving house checklist. You can let us know if we have missed out anything. If everything goes well and smooth like the way you have planned, we are confident that your experience of moving into a new house will become pleasant and no longer challenging. Stay tuned for more updates.

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