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We heard that you have finally found a new, plush dreamy apartment. Now that you have found your dream home, another struggle would surface and that is the moving process. Here is the ultimate New Apartment Checklist for First-Time Movers.

We know how stressful and exhausting this whole process could be. And even a tiny procrastination could take it down the drain. Procrastination may not have cost you much in college, but here it can really turn things into a whole new mess. So, do not even think of doing it, folks!

One of the easiest ways to plan a stress-free move is to craft a new apartment checklist list as there is too much to do in one go. From finding a moving company to packing stuff, it can be super chaotic. Through a list, you will know what needs to be done and exactly how much is left to do. You might even be able to devise a mental pattern of organizing stuff for packing.

And to make it easy, we have created a comprehensive checklist for you to dwell on. It will help you keep those stress monsters and any last minute panic attacks at bay. And yeah, you are definitely going to thanks us later!

Enough with the rambling and let’s just get to the business.

To be honest, it is wise and best to make a checklist room wise. This way you will be able to easily organize the items.

Main Furniture:

This is the first part and quite the most essential part of your checklist that you got to deal with at your earliest.

Once you are done with the major part, things will start falling into place and you will be able to move to the other parts of the checklist smoothly.

Following are the items you should kick-start your moving process with:

  1. Bed
  2. Dresser
  3. Dining table and chairs
  4. Desk and chair
  5. Couch
  6. TV

Kitchen Essentials:

For many, the kitchen area is pretty easy as one thinks they will not need anything besides a cutlery set and a few pots and plates. But that is not the case. It is always smart to pack in some paper plates and cups but it is also wise to purchase specialized equipment beforehand. Even if it takes a substantial amount of time, you will at least have the essentials within your reach.

  1. Water glasses and mugs
  2. Plates and cereal bowl
  3. Frying pan, pots, and cutting board
  4. Small kitchen appliances
  5. Sandwich bags and one or two food storage containers
  6. Spatula and ice tray

Pantry Essentials:

Alongside kitchen equipment, you will need a well-organized and a well-stocked pantry for a complete kitchen feel.

We have made up a list that you can check off the items as per your preferences and cooking habits. It is just to keep you on track and to give you an idea that what you will end up needing while you stand in your kitchen to prepare the meal.

The spices and herbs you will need are listed below:

  1. Chili powder, ground cumin
  2. Paprika, chicken powder
  3. Dried rosemary, oregano, thyme, bay leaves
  4. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
  5. Ginger and garlic and onion powder
  6. Salt and pepper
  7. Cooking oil
  8. Soy sauce, vinegar, and ketchup


This is the most fun area. This is where everyone’s heart and mind belongs. The bedroom is your personal space, something where you do most of your thinking and planning. It speaks a volume about your taste and personality. And it is probably space which takes a great deal of time during the moving process.

And with this, the following are the items that we think deserve a place on your apartment moving checklist.

  1. Mattress, with a pad, and topper
  2. Bedding, this includes sheets and pillowcases
  3. Blankets to snuggle in
  4. Duvet
  5. Pillows
  6. A bunch of clothing hangers
  7. Nightstand
  8. Lamp
  9. Full-length mirror
  10. Dirty clothes basket

Having items on your new apartment checklist will ensure that you have a nice cozy, and comfortable stay even on the very first day at your new abode.

The Bathroom:

Most of your skincare resides here and it can be quite tricky to organize stuff in here. As fun and relaxing it sounds, it is not the real case. Bathroom items are the easiest of all to forget. Often it happens that you are too involved in choosing the best hand soap scent that you forget the other important items, such as a toilet scrubber.

And when you stand in your bathroom and does not find that one item you are looking for, all hell just breaks loose. This is where making a checklist is super important. Before ordering the luxury items such a bath bomb, make sure you have the basics and most needed items first in your kitty and then move onto the fun part of the game.

Here you go with the list:

  1. Hand and bath towels
  2. Washcloths
  3. Shower curtain and liner
  4. Bath mats
  5. Bath gown
  6. Toiletries
  7. Toothbrush holder
  8. Trash bin
  9. Countertop storage
  10. Small vanity mirror and additional lighting

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this New Apartment Checklist for First-Time Movers list useful. For more Moving Tips follow our Blog.

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