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It can be overwhelming to move into a new home. A new place to live in may mean a great fresh start for you and your family. However, there are many responsibilities that come with relocating to a different area, especially if it’s a house that has been empty for years. According to Empire Pest Control, mice, spiders, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies have frequently been dealt with by pest control companies.

Hence, if you feel like you’re dealing with an infestation problem, the best choice is to call a pest control port orchard company right away.

However, you can’t just rely on professionals all the time. If you don’t have the budget to bring in professional exterminators, you need to take matters into your own hands. But no need to worry! We present here the top pest control tips you should follow before moving into your new home.

Set a Time for Some Deep Cleaning to Eliminate Residing Pests

Mice and other insects indeed love a filthy house, particularly when there hasn’t been human occupancy for quite some time. They tend to build their homes in the dark corners and dingy basement of your new house, so it’s vital that you take the time to do some deep cleaning to get rid of them.

Before you bring in your boxes be sure to do the following:

  1. Take out your cleaning equipment and solutions first.
  2. Sweep all the floors and corners, remove cobwebs from the ceiling, vacuum and dust furniture, and take out any trash.
  3. Only move in when you’re sure the area is spotlessly clean!

Trim Tree Branches to Avoid Insects Crossing Over

Trees are among the places where pests love to reside in. They not only serve as a food source for these little creatures, but they can be a bridge to your home. Pests such as rodents use tree branches to make their way inside your house, and if you happen to have an entry point you missed out on sealing, it will be a huge problem for you.

To avoid this from happening, experts from Jacksonville FL pest control company mentioned that it is important to be sure you trim all the trees that have long branches, and while you’re at it, ensure that all plants near your home have the needed solutions to repel insects from going near them.

Examine and Seal Up Possible Pest Entry Points

A house that has been around for a couple of years can have several entry points where pests from the outside could squeeze into. Regardless of the size of the hole, crack, or gap, little insects can still crawl inside, which can lead to a horrible infestation.

Examine the outside of your home for any possible entry points to prevent this from happening. Check the walls and edges where the building meets the ground and seal up any cracks you may stumble upon. Other pests such as mice can gnaw their way into your home, so make sure you use a long-lasting sealant.

Inspect Your Roof and Attic For Rats and Termites

For many homeowners, an attic is a place where you can store all the useless things that you still don’t want to throw away. Since a good deal of furniture can be found here, pests love to thrive in this area. They build their homes and nest in your attic and stay up there once they’re done feeding on your food.

Before you move into your new home, inspect your attic to see any signs of insects, particularly termites. If there are, then call exterminators right away. Be sure to check your roof, too, for any holes that may be present; you certainly wouldn’t want unwanted animals coming inside!

Check For Signs of Bed Bugs on Your Items Before Moving In

When you begin packing up your bedding, boxing your pans and pots, and sorting through the things from your garage, be sure you’re careful not to let any hitchhikers in. Before you store them in their respective boxes, be diligent to search for any signs of roaches, termites or bed bugs, especially in your wooden furniture.

Any object that has been stored in your attic for a long time before you move out must be rigorously inspected to ensure it hasn’t become a home for any type of creature. By thoroughly cleaning all of the furniture and items you intend to bring, you can reduce the risk of hitchhikers.


Moving into a new house can be the best decision you’ve ever made, but don’t let your dream turn into a nightmare. Following these tips will not only guarantee you a pest-free home, but it’ll also save you the money, time and effort of dealing with a future pest problem that may arise!

We hope you found this blog post Pest Control Tips for Moving Into a New Home useful. Be sure to check out our post Tips To Move Into A New Pest-Free Home for more great tips!


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