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I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that a woman’s place is where she desires to be. Whereas the struggle for a world with equal rights is creating progress, traveling alone continues to be an act of defiance. It’s not exhausting to search out countries where incidents of violence against girls are still terribly high, that intimidates feminine travelers to a particular degree (and with sensible reason). Here is a list of the places women can travel alone safely.

Why women specifically?

I dream of the day when girls don’t need to explore for recommendations of safe places to travel alone. Although, several students stuck in their home due to educational burden and therefore, the tasks given to them by their colleges and universities. Moreover, due to this, many individuals feel anxiety and stress as they aren’t able to go outside for some refreshment, well don’t worry.

If you are a student and facing the same issue, you can hire Cheap Essay Writing Services UK based help to get your assignments done before the deadlines. However, whereas this still isn’t the reality, I accept that a few nations are more secure for female travelers than others.


Land of the atmospheric phenomenon and also the aurora, Finland is the ideal destination for nature lovers. There’s Lemmenjoki national park, the biggest woody reserve in Europe, and multiple alternative wild areas, as well as the region with the best variety of lakes in Europe. Finland is graded ideal in terms of safety by the World Economic Forum in their travel and tourism competitiveness report. Finland is one amongst the safest countries in Europe to travel alone, and one amongst the safest countries for girls to travel alone.


Canada is home to a wide range of landscapes, counting centuries-old woodlands, snow-covered mountains, country sides, and lakes. Its wilderness particularly is marvelous and unquestionably worth the trip. What’s more, their cities moreover have an extraordinary charm and a multicultural touch. Of all the nations within the Americas, Canada is considered the most secure destination for women travelers. Canada is additionally home to numerous of the world’s most secure cities for solo female travel.

New Zealand

A country of transcendental landscapes, New Zealand, or Middle Earth for Lord of the Rings fans, is the excellent destination for people who love journey, sports, nature, or all of the above. This little country is formed of two main islands that boast extraordinarily varied styles of scenery. On the North Island, you’ll realize paradise beaches, active volcanoes, and colorful lakes. On the South Island, it’s quite a completely different scene: snowy peaks, glaciers, and Open Ocean filled with seals and whales.

New Zealand is considered the fourth safest country within the world to travel in, consistent with a survey by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Some reports think about New Zealand to be the safest country for ladies within the world! It’s without a doubt one among the world’s safest countries for solo female travelers, and safest countries to backpack.


This little nation, situated right following Brazil, is a charming place with amazingly welcoming people. In its capital of Montevideo, you’ll appreciate the shorelines that make a staggering contrast with the urban portion of the city. Also, Punta del Este, Uruguay’s most popular resort town, you’ll find beaches, monuments, and calm places to unwind.

In Colonia del Sacramento, you’ve got the chance to see a littler region, full of history and charm. Uruguay has some of the most reduced crime rates within the Americas. For ladies needing to visit South America, Uruguay is one of the region’s most secure nations to travel alone.


Found within the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers much more than incredible watchmakers. It’s a nation full of cultural differing qualities, a wide assortment of lovely attractions, and catholic scenes that blur into breathtaking natural ones. Switzerland is the seventh most peaceful nation within the world, agreeing to the Global Peace File (GPI). It’s an unimaginably secure nation for ladies, and one of Europe’s most secure places for females to travel alone.


It’s not for nothing that Belgium is thought of as a compulsory destination in Europe. The country is a real gem, with several historic sites, wonderful infrastructure, and varied alternative traveler attractions. In Brussels, you’ll be able to stroll the streets and revel in the medieval design, whereas in the city, you’ll realize a landscape worthy of a surprising romance film.

Belgium ranks tenth within the International Women’s Travel Center’s list of the perfect countries for girls traveling alone. Study abroad programs are common, creating Belgium an excellent destination for solo young women to meet different travelers their age.


For many travelers, Austria is a nearly excellent country. They are saying that problems appear to disappear there, that should be as a result of Austrians getting pleasure from some of the best quality of life in Europe. Though what’s additional, the country has some actually extraordinary landscapes: you’ll realize snow-capped mountain peaks, lovely green forests, and crystal-clear lakes.

Austria is graded fourth within the International Women’s Travel Center’s list of the best countries for ladies traveling alone. Austria is additionally one among the safest countries in Europe to travel alone. Check out this page if you’re looking into moving internationally.


Iceland is truly commendable for its title, as 15% of the country’s surface is covered with ice. You’ll be able to even go walking on the ice and find caves there. However, despite its title, the nation moreover incorporates a lot of fire. That is correct, you studied that right. This destination highlights no less than 20 dynamic volcanoes. Between the ice and the fire, Iceland offers its guests some genuinely radiant sights.

Its capital, Reykjavík, is exceptionally charming, with numerous attractions and an active nightlife. Iceland has some of the least crime rates on the planet and is ranked number one within the Worldwide Peace Record (GPI). Iceland is additionally one of the finest destinations for solo girls in look of female experience travel.


Japan is a destination where millennium-old traditions exist with super advanced technology. However, there’s far more to mention regarding this country. We’ve to say Tokyo, a mega-metropolis considered the cleanest and best-organized within the world. Moreover, Osaka, a contemporary city that’s charming and filled with various things to do. Japan ranks sixth among the foremost peaceful countries within the world, in line with the global Peace Index (GPI). Japan is one among the world’s most safe places for single female travelers.


A nation of unique magnificence with something that’s sure to please even the foremost demanding of travelers, Chile is full of film-worthy landscapes. These incorporate Atacama, the foremost dry desert within the world, and much of the wild natural beauty of Patagonia.

It moreover highlights memorable cities, enthusiastic shorelines, and idealize camping spots. Its capital of Santiago is particularly striking, encompassed by mountains and with a wide assortment of activities for all tastes. Chile has low crime rates and is positioned twenty fourth within the Global Peace File.

I hope you found this list of the excellent places to travel solo as a female helpful. Understand that this is often simply the tip of the iceberg once it involves safe places for solo female travelers. There are many, several different nice places to travel alone. If you’re still undecided where to travel alone as a girl or have any queries, you can find lots of additional recommendations round the internet.

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