Placing a commercial property for sale in the market needs sufficient knowledge and confidence to proceed forward. Instead of doing or rushing things with half knowledge, you first have to carefully plan the selling process to fetch a good deal at the end of the day.

Primarily, you have to know who will get attracted to your property so that you can make the right marketing or advertising. If you fail to understand this, the selling process may take longer, and you would have to wait unnecessarily until you can land a potential deal. This is the reason why you should gather sufficient information before taking the process ahead or before placing the sale board sign.

But how to know when you are ready to place your property for sale? The moment when you have the answers to these questions mentioned below:

1. Who Benefits When Buying Your Property?

When you have a commercial property, both individuals and companies can buy your property. So, check what kind of people will get the most benefit from your building.

For instance, if you have a property that has enough space to run a small company (10-15 employees), then you can prepare strategies for advertising to attract such potential buyers. Or if your area is just enough to run a small store, then individual buyers are the ones that you need to target, as they benefit the most by purchasing your property.

2. How Commercial Real Estate Investors Benefit from Your Property?

Commercial real estate investors are the ones you should be targeting as they get the most benefit from the business perspective. So, you need to consider things like whether you have enough parking space, can gain significant ROI, whether it’s appealing to the outsiders or not, etc.

When you think you have these attributes to your property, giving practical uses to the retailers, then you can place the sale board without any hesitation.

3. What is the Ceiling Price for Your Property?

Before you enter into the selling market, make sure you have the maximum price that your building can demand. Also called ceiling price, it is the amount where you need to start negotiations with the buyers.

So, consider various positive factors like location, accessibility, public transportation, etc. while estimating the ceiling price. The more the favorable factors, the more the cost can be. However, it’s vital to stay close to the market value and not to go overboard when finalizing the ceiling price.

4. What is the Minimum Amount Where You can Stop Your Negotiation?

Decide till how much less price you can go during negotiations. If you came across a potential buyer and all are going smooth except the price, then make sure whether you can cut money to finalize the deal.

However, see that you are not compromising too much on the minimum amount, especially when you think your property can get a fair deal.

5. How Much Will You Have to Pay to the Broker?

Are you looking for a broker to mediate the selling process? Then make sure to pay the commission after you got an excellent selling deal through your appointed broker.

Also, first, consider how much amount you are going to pay to the broker. If the broker is demanding a high price, then you can say no or negotiate depending on the amount you set aside for commission.

6. How is the State of Your Commercial Property?

Is your property appealing to the buyers? If not, then see that you inspect your entire building for the potential issues that can affect the business in the future. Check whether things like the roof, electrical lines, plumbing system, HVAC, etc. are in the optimum working condition or not.

When you identify the issues beforehand, you will have time to rectify them so that you will not have any negative aspects to express when dealing with a buyer.

Always ensure to keep your property in an appealing and functional state. If you can’t identify by yourselves, you can always take help from the building inspectors.

commercial building

7. Are all the Documents Ready Related to the Property?

Building documents are the written proof that the property is yours. Along with it, see that you also have insurance papers. And every other legal paper related to your commercial building.

You don’t want to lose a good deal just because you failed to have all the necessary papers related to the building. Before you go into the market selling procedure, ensure to collect all the required documents. If you are not sure what the records are, you can always contact a lawyer or a broker to know the entire set of documents needed.

8. Does Your Property have Environmental Issues?

Make sure that your commercial property is not causing any issues to the environment. See that you are getting environmental acceptance or related certifications from the government. It is essential as the potential buyers check your property for the damages incurred by the previously occupied company or business.

To not make the buyers raise any concerns regarding your commercial property, do necessary procedures to get the certifications. It helps you to show evidence proving that your building is environment-friendly.

9. Is Your Commercial Property Lucrative?

When you kept your commercial space or a shop for lease, make sure that it has the potential to give maximum profits to your buyers. If not, you may have to wait for a long time to land a deal. And even if you do, there’s no guarantee that you receive a fair amount during selling.

So, to avoid this, you can take help from brokers. They will tell you the essential tips on how you can make your commercial space more profitable.

  • Is Your Commercial Property Appealing to Potential Buyers?

Last but not least, make sure your building has a lovely curb appeal that can attract the attention of potential buyers.

For this, you can clean your property and make it aesthetic so that the buyers show interest in seeing your property further. Not only the building, but also keep the surroundings clean by trimming down the garden area, grooming the parking space, and making the pathway visible without any debris on it, etc.


As mentioned earlier, you need the knowledge and confidence to put up your commercial property for sale. By asking yourself these questions discussed here, you can plan your selling process meticulously. It will not only allow you to grab a fair deal but also renders you with a feeling of satisfaction and pride. Read the following for additional information on How to Avoid Two Mortgages.

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