Are you thinking about expanding your home upwards, not just outwards? A double storey extension might just be what you’re looking for. Before you dive into the planning process, it is essential to consider several essential points to ensure a smooth and successful project. This article will walk you through crucial tips and considerations to keep in mind when planning your double-storey extension.

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Understanding Regulations

The first step before starting any construction project is understanding the planning laws and regulations. Not every property or location allows a double storey extension for a range of reasons from aesthetic to safety concerns. You should consult local councils or a planning officer to check the permitted development rights in your location. Additionally, remember to apply for a building regulation approval clearance, which ensures the construction meets health, safety, and hygiene standards.

Choosing the Right Design

Designing your double storey extension is a crucial consideration. This involves deciding the aesthetic and functional aspects of your extension. You must consider the existing design of your house and ensure the extension blends well. Visualising how the completed construction will look will alleviate potential errors or dissatisfactions at the end of the project.


Building a double storey extension requires a considerable budget not only for basic construction but also for interior decoration, furniture, and unforeseen costs. You should factor in the cost of hiring architects, builders, and surveyors. Moreover, consider the time frame of the project as it tends to correlate directly with cost — longer projects generally cost more.

Hiring Professionals

Although DIY projects are increasingly popular, building a double storey extension involves detailed and intricate work that demands professional knowledge and experience. Hiring certified, reputed contractors and architects will save you from encountering complications during the project. This ultimately saves you time, stress, and potentially a great deal of money.

Neighbours and Surrounding Properties

Before initiating the extension project, respectful communication with your neighbours should take place. The building work might cause noise disruption, or they might take issue with their outlook being obstructed. If their property is adjoining with yours, you will have to get an agreement under the Party Wall Act. A courteous conversation beforehand benefits all parties and helps smooth any problems that may arise during the construction process.

Think about the Future

Lastly, remember to think long-term. A double storey extension isn’t only about adding extra rooms; it should add value to your property. Consider future market trends and buyer preferences while planning the extension. And, always envision how your life will be in that space in the years to come. This helps to ensure that you’re making a sound investment, both for your lifestyle and your financial future.

Hopefully, this article has given you a comprehensive guide to follow when planning your double storey extension. It’s a significant project that shouldn’t be taken lightly. By considering these points, you can confidently embark on your building journey!

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