The decision to move out of your parents’ home is a great step and one that indicates your shift to independence. But without a proper plan, this decision can be one of the most hectic experiences of your life. The best way to make your move as stress-free as possible is to come up with a good moving plan way before schedule and implement it at the appropriate time. Orderliness, efficiency, and prudence will help you get rid of any moving challenges you may encounter. In this guide, you will learn the 7 steps that can make your moving experience painless and fun.

7 Easy Steps to Move Out

1.  Research the Cost of Living and Prepare a Sound Budget

When you leave the nest, you should be ready to take care of many bills. You just can’t avoid them. So before moving out, find out the cost of things like rent, food, utilities, and transport. Prepare a list of the things that are necessary for your everyday life and then research the monthly cost of those things in the city of your choice. Also, make sure to check whether the house or apartment needs renovations because that would mean extra costs. But, even if the bathroom needs renovation, do not cross it out, because now you can do kitchen remodeling at very affordable cost and high quality.

Once you have all these details, you can now come up with a reasonable budget. Alongside budgeting for essentials like rent and utilities, you should also budget for non-essentials like entertainment. Are you a travel enthusiast? Put that in your budget too. Ensure you know the amount of money you can comfortably spend in a month. If your earnings vary from one month to another, create your budget with a lower number to avoid getting caught short.

Good credit

2.  Build Credit

Good credit is a fundamental part of your financial freedom. Before transitioning into independence, ensure you have a reputable credit coupled with a decent credit score. The trick to establishing your credit is getting a credit card and paying bills on time. Put your spending habits in check and incorporate credit card expenses in your budget. Compare different kinds of credit cards and pick one that will award you points for all the purchases you make.

3.  Look for an Appropriate Place to Live

Take all the time you need in this step. Finding a suitable home isn’t a walk in the park – you will need to consider many factors. First, select a location. You can decide to live close to your workplace, friends, or even your parents. Choose what matters to you. Next, select the kind of home that suits your needs and lifestyle. Is an apartment ideal for you? Or will you be buying a house? There are tons of places to find a good house or apartment online. Social media is a good place to start. Seek referrals from your social media friends and see the options you get. Visit sites like Craigslist, ForRent, FloridaRentals,, or RentJungle and check out the listed apartments.

move out

4.  Shop for Supplies

You have probably depended on your parents for daily essentials. As you prepare to move out, ensure you buy those things. Furniture is important, but things like cleaning supplies, soap, and drinking glasses are a must-have. Look around your parent’s house and prepare a list of indispensable items. Find out if there are dishes or furniture that are lying idle and request your parents to hand them down to you. This will help you bring down your moving expenses.

Moving Company

5.  Look for a competent Moving Company

Many people tend to overlook this critical step. Hiring a competent moving company saves you from the stress and pain that comes with moving for the first time. Letting professionals do the moving work for you, gives you enough time to focus on other small yet important details. Talk to two or at least three reputable movers in your area and request quotes from them. Compare the quotes and go for the movers that suits your budget, experience with previous moves, company’s reputation in the industry plus get one that is a reputable accredited BBB member and is rated A. Don’t forget to check online reviews and testimonials of your best potential mover.

6.  Unpack Your Stuff

With all your stuff unloaded at your new apartment, you can rest briefly before starting unpacking. Just do the unpacking bit by bit. Within a short period of time, your new home will be ready. Start with the essential items first. Ensure your kitchen is set up so can resume a normal life as soon as possible.

7.  Explore Your New Neighborhood

Exploring your new area is an ideal way to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings and feel more comfortable. Ensure you know where the nearest grocery store, gas store, and pharmacy is located. Explore the nearest parks, chill spots, and restaurants. Bring a friend along to make this even more exciting.

Moving out calls for proper planning and thoughtful execution. The above 7 steps will make your relocation easy and fun-filled.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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