Scissors Lift

Globally, the scissors lift is gaining immense popularity among consumers owing to its ease of operation, minimum space requirement, and ease of moving from one location to another.Scissors lift saves the cost of labor, does not emit any hazardous gas, produces minimum noise, and maintains a good working environment.Also, there is no extensive need for training for the workers to use the scissor lift.

Burgeoning Demand for Electric Scissors Lift

Electric scissor lifts are used to access high storage racks, work in loading bays, change light bulbs, and perform sign repairs.Unlike gas-powered lifts, electric lifts don’t emit gas.Even electric lifts are less expensive than gas-powered lifts and have non-marking tires, protecting against indoor floor damage.The versatility of features and safety aspects make them an ideal replacement for the traditional ladder in many workplace tasks.

A region like North America is witnessing an increasing demand for lightweight and emission-free equipment in mining activities. The ability of the electric scissor lift to operate with zero-emission, low noise, and various digital applications support will encourage a favorable market scenario. Potential market players are launching new technologies in the electric scissors lift to gain popularity among significant business clients. For example, in November 2020, Genie Lift launched an E-Drive system for its scissor lift portfolio.

Various Benefits of Scissor Lift

  • Increased safety
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Portability
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Easier storage
  • Affordability
  • Minimum floor space

Construction and Manufacturing Industry is a Major Contributor

Construction and manufacturing are the major industries propelling the demand for scissors lifts. The manufacturing industry is rapidly expanding as more and more regions are investing in adopting manufacturing plants in their locations. In order to enhance productivity,the manufacturing industries are investing in emerging technologies.The government bodies of many countries worldwide are increasing their focus on infrastructural development.

The construction & infrastructure industry plays a vital role in augmenting the country’s economic development, creating a favorable environment for the industry. There is rising adoption of construction equipment on a rental basis with no high payments, which benefits small and average companies by offering the opportunity to purchase the equipment on provisional terms. For example, in April 2021, Access Industries expanded its rental fleet with the order of new 327 Snorkel’s mobile elevating platforms.

The increasing concern associated with worker safety and accelerating construction projects will increase market demand worldwide. The demand for electric mini scissors will increase in the coming years because construction activities are anticipated to shift away from non-residential structures to residential projects in the longer term.Thus, these aspects are escalating demand avenues for vendors working in the global scissor lifts market.

Factors Escalating Demand for Scissors Lift

The scissors lifts provide various benefits such as ease of operation and compact storage.Compared to mobile scaffoldings and ladders, the scissor lifts are effortless to move to numerous places.The easy operating ability of scissors lifts decreases the risk of skilled labor shortage and reduces fatigue among the workers operating them.Also, scissor lifts are flexible with work environments and inherit accommodation for additional equipment, making it further convenient. Some frequently used tools include turntable sandtilters,making them easier to use and safer for workers. Human laborers involved in storing and retrieving systems at various warehouses and distribution centers find it difficult to perform efficiently. With increased production quantities, the capabilities of laborers don’t match with the current demands of higher processing rates and accuracies.

Investments and Rising Infrastructural Projects in Scissors Lift

There is a significant rising investment in the scissors lift market. Governments of various countries are investing in this potential market and planning different infrastructural projects leading to rising demand for scissors lifts globally.In September 2020, the Government of France announced a US$ 115 billion Coronavirus Recovery Plan.With this investment, the government aims to enhance infrastructure development and maintenance activities, including improvising residential and commercial building insulation.

Company Initiatives

Various companies specializing in low-weight machines focus on innovations to enhance safety by including multiple features, such as crush-protection sustainable involuntary operation prevention systems,sensitive hybrid power systems, and others. Also, the players are adopting expansion strategies to stay relevant amid rising competition. For example,Pal finger AG launched a new control unit for self-propelled scissor lift platforms for the Chinese market, which enhanced safety considerably.In October 2021, MAGNI Telescopic Handlers Srl launched nine new AC scissor lifts and four new electric scissor lifts. Also,in July 2018, JLG Industries announced the upgradation ofits LRT series of rough terrain scissors. This upgradation it added improved efficiency, serviceability, and operability of the industry machines to meet demand of the customers.

Terex Corporation (Genie), JLG Industries, Inc., Snorkel International, Haulotte Group, Aichi Corporation, and Manitou BF are prominent players expanding the global scissors lift market. Further, the collaborations and partnerships among local and international players fuel the demand for scissors lifts worldwide.

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