Should I Move To New York City?

New York is a concrete jungle where dreams are made and destroyed. If you are trying to find answers to the burning question – “Should I Move to New York,” you might want to know the following things about it and then make your decision.

Why Should You Move to New York

1- New York is EXPENSIVE

This might be the most commonly used adjective for NY, but trust me when I say it’s expensive because it is. You must save as much as possible before you decide to move to New York. Overestimate your budget, and you will still fall short of cash.

Living takes up almost 45% of the total expenditure, followed by conveyance and food. Since the City has over 8.5 million people residing in it, finding a place to live is no less than hitting the lottery. With that, the City is pretty big which makes being on your feet, a little more challenging. Not forgetting the food, NYC is the hub of yummy food, from a $1 pizza to the finest dining of your life, the city covers it all. But all that comes with the insanely extravagant tip culture the New Yorkers have developed. You just CAN NOT get away with anything less than 20% of the total bill.

Also, try to limit yourself from getting around the tourist spots (hint: Times Square) as things climb up the price’s ladder more than you’d be able to take. Another smart thing is always to carry cash and, God forbid, for when you don’t, never turn towards the ATMs present inside stores because as tempting they may be, they come with extravagant fees.

Tip: Always over-budget!

2- Apartment Hunting Would Be Troublesome

The housing industry is crazy competitive in New York. Finding an apartment where your toes don’t touch the refrigerator while you sleep would be a struggle. Given the population of the City, there are hundreds of apartments which are not more than 200-300 square feet with a hefty rent tag of nothing less than a thousand dollars a month.

Furthermore, New York is flooded with scammers so never, NEVER, commit to an apartment without physically visiting it. That being said, your safest option is to act fast when you find a semi-decent place to live because the apartment would be gone before you know it!

3- Conveyance Might Not Always Mean Convenience “Should I Move to New York?”

Your city-moving can be made easy if you choose to hire professionals to take care of it for you, but getting around in the city will remain difficult as it is. It is always a good idea to take a subway over a taxi, if you want to save that extra cash and time, of course. Subways can be a little tacky with the crowd and all but a puppy-sighting once in a while can really help you unwind after a long day. Although subways are convenient, yet the fare can get a little heavy on the pocket. Go for the metro card, it works as a life saver.

With the good comes the bad. It’s a wise practice to plan fifteen minutes in advance of the usual time the train takes. With that, they can be reasonably unreliable on the weekends. Unscheduled stops, running on a different line or it might not even arrive at your station. It is considered the beast on the weekends.

4- New York Is A Melting Pot

New York is home to over 40% of people not born in the States, speaking more than 800 languages, around town. With people from different cultures come in a variety of cuisines. New York supposedly specializes in Pizza, Pretzels, and Pastrami. With that, many even call it the donut capital of the world.

Moreover, it also, mind-bogglingly, is historically rich. It is home to state of the art museums such as The Met, American Museum of Natural History and the Skyscraper Museum. Not just that, there are various things that can be done for free. Few to the list are visiting museums, buildings, exploring the parks or even walking on the Brooklyn Bridge.

5- The Weather Can Be Unpredictable

New York experiences intense weather conditions. Ranging from a blizzard which secludes the City from the rest of the country to stifling heat, it covers it all. Few days when it’s neither too cold nor too hot, the City decides to rain.

To survive the extreme weather conditions, there’s nothing you can do to prepare for it but to stock up on the woollies for the winters and to carry an umbrella at all times!

After knowing the above-mentioned facts, you can find a satisfactory answer to the question: “Should I Move to New York.” If you think you can survive a city brimming with such hustle and bustle, go ahead. Just keep in mind that it is imperative to be optimistic because it will surely do its best to break you into four.

Should I Move To New York City?

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