Signs That Your Evaporative Cooler Needs Repair

Evaporative coolers are also known as desert coolers or swamp coolers because they are made to recreate hot and dry weather conditions. The working mechanism of evaporative cooling is distinctly different from the normal air conditioners we mostly see. They work by evaporating the water and then spreading the cool air out in the room unlike using a refrigerant gas as in normal air conditioning.

Here we will look at some of the indications of a need for Coolair evaporative cooling repair.

When The Unit Does Not Start

This is indicative of a blown fuse generally. If you see that the fuse has blown up, you must get it replaced. But in case that is not the reason for Coolair evaporative cooling repair you can check up on the wiring systems as well. There might be an issue in the wiring that is causing your air conditioner to malfunction.

It can also happen the breaker might also trip causing a false start. This is also a problem wherein it is better to call an evaporative cooler repairing team.

The Strange Odor Emanating From The Unit

This is a recurring type of problem which can happen due to excessive use. This problem is generally seen in the hot summers when your cooler is running non-stop for hours. Consider immediate Coolair evaporative cooling repair in such cases. If not repaired in time this can decrease the cooling efficiency. If you have this problem, you should better call an evaporative cooler repairing team to find and repair the problem.

Generally, this indicates water stagnation inside the cooler due to which the bad odor is coming out. This also means that you need to change the water in the reservoir more frequently. Dew might be forming inside the cooler which is causing a bad smell.  If you do not repair this problem this can have very bad effects and damage your evaporative cooler from the inside in the long run. Dew or the presence of moisture in a high amount will cause the internal cooler parts to rust easily.

The Airflow Is Usually Less Than What It Should Be

This problem indicates that there might be a blockage in the exhaust vents. You can check the exhaust pipes for signs of blockage and clear them if possible. Otherwise you can call an experienced group for Coolair evaporative cooling repair. Generally, with lower exhaust flow the the air circulation drops. This can also cause problems if not repaired early. The reasons behind this include the moisture-laden Coolair damaging the internal parts of the cooler.

Water Leaking From The Air Cooler

This is one of the most common problems in Coolair evaporative cooling repair. There could be various reasons why water is dripping down the cooler. This could be due to improper storing of the desert air cooler during the winter season or when the cooler is not required.  It is important that if you don’t intend to use the air cooler for a long time you drain the unit properly. Also, make sure to remove the pads and clean the tank before storing it. The unit should be properly covered in a bag or a clean piece of cloth.  But even after this, if you see water dripping out then it might be time for a Coolair evaporative cooling repair.

Final Verdict

It is important not to hesitate and instead act quickly to hire a professional to repair the problem. The more you delay the more damage it causes to your cooler.

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