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Just imagine; you’re about to enjoy your evening coffee, tuned in to your favorite TV program and expecting a pizza delivery in minutes when all of a sudden, you recall following-up on a shipment that you did in the morning. But, unfortunately the logistics company you’ve picked doesn’t have an app to keep you updated!

Now this is quite frustrating and painful for the customer as living in a digitally connected, and technologically advanced world means almost every industry and service needs having a mobile app. Just in-case you’re brainstorming about creative and profitable business ideas, while looking for the best app development company to help you progress, pick one that offers as many features as possible.

It’s quite obvious that the logistics industry reaps a lot of benefits and profit gains as long as there’s a powerful mobile application, covering all necessary aspects. Let’s have a look at how these mobile apps can simplify logistics operations and what features a driver tracking app should have!

1. Going Paperless

Companies risk losing critical data as well as shipment orders due to incomplete, inaccurate paperwork; only if all of this is still being carried out manually! Having a robust mobile app that can automate monotonous and tedious tasks is a key to winning and simplifying your logistics operations for everyone’s ease.

2. Track the Outcome in Real-Time

For a logistics company, it’s easy to lose track of all the orders, leading to inability in predicting overall success rate and outcomes. But, not if the business operations are automated and being managed by feature-rich mobile applications.

That said, visibility is everything for logistics organizations and having mobile solutions at their disposal can surely assist in supervising almost all operations. A custom mobile app that looks into load management and planning, transport efficiency, driver management and customer portal can bridge the performance gap, improve agility and allow business owners to make data-driven decisions.

3. Vehicle Tracking

Tracking cars and freight, tracing parcels for every meter and seconds via mobile technology is now possible for logistics organizations. It helps in seamless operations, remove possible bottlenecks and spot the problem before it develops. Other than that, managing drivers’ progress against their profiles and consignments further adds to the many benefits of a mobile app for the transportation and logistics industry.

4. Flexible Delivery Process

Adjusting delivery schedules and finding the best routes on the go with ecommerce mobile solutions for the logistics industry adds more flexibility. Whether yours is a startup or an established enterprise, owners have more control over their supply chains with an ability to boost client retention while bringing logistics services providers and consumers on the same page.

5. Real-Time Information Process & Updates

Drivers are always connected via mobile applications which results in seamless and transparent communication with the company. Improved, organized and automated supply chain operations result in flawless shipping, inventory management, tracking of stocks and items, performing quality checks and much more; are sure to skyrocket your ecommerce business.

6. Saves Precious Time & Cost

Optimizing routes for each driver and order via driver tracking app saves a lot of fuel expense and valuable time that can be invested in other important tasks or even a new venture. With a handy logistics mobile app, your business gauges the potential to operate more efficiently and effectively.

7. Quick, Convenient & Safe Deliveries

With a logistics mobile app, businesses can speed up their operations and process work orders in bulk. For customers, they’ll have their shipment delivered in less than average time with real-time tracking. Monitoring trips, optimizing orders, mapping the best routes and reducing miles driven are a few of many advantages that you’ll get when working with an app development company catering to the logistics industry.

8. Warehouse Management

Efficient and effective warehouse management is also a crucial part of a transport company. This is where all the goods and inventories are stored in a controlled environment to keep them safe and secure, before shipping to the final destination. Since all the details about the items are recorded in a database, a mobile logistics app further makes storing, monitoring and even remotely controlling the temperature feature possible in a seamless manner.

9. Cloud Accessibility

Data automation means it can also be accessed anytime, anywhere via cloud. For logistics companies, managing fleet operations, keeping track of every driver and order, checking and verifying details is now painless thanks to the amazing mobile applications.

10. Electronic/Digital Proofing & Verification

Recording a proof of successful delivery is important and this feature is definitely a must-have in all advanced driver tracking applications. It can be done in three ways as explained below:

  • Image Capture

The captain or driver responsible to make deliveries use their smartphones, take a snapshot of the customer receiving the order or of the place where the shipment is stowed for retrieval.  

  • Electronic/Digital Signature

Driver takes an electronic signature or thumb impression of the customer via mobile device scanner app on receiving the order. This is automatically integrated to the email or SMS notification that’s sent to the customer as well as the company while being stored on cloud storage for later retrieval.

  • Barcode Scan

Barcode on the package can be scanned via mobile app which automatically notifies the recipient as well as the company about safe and successful delivery.

Define What You Need and Pick the Right Software

Jot down all the possible challenges and hurdles that you may encounter being in the logistics business. This is important before you start working with a mobile app development company. Here’s what can be expected from a mobile logistics app:

  • Route optimization
  • Fleet and asset tracking plus management
  • Augmenting security and warehouse environmental features
  • Location tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation management system

Key Takeaways

It’s obvious a logistics software development company can build on your unique ecommerce business ideas and make it more transparent, automated for less. Experienced app developers are required to partner with your company in developing the exceptional logistics app. The process can be commenced in the following three steps:

  1. Communicate all the features
  2. Find a reliable technology partner of an app development company
  3. Development and launch

We hope you found this blog post on Simplifying Logistics Operations with Driver Tracking App Development useful. Be sure to check out our post on Improve Processes: Update Your Transportation Logistics for more great tips!

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