In this era of energy consciousness, many homeowners are wondering about electricity saving devices for homes. Homeowners are beginning to ask, “Do smart plugs save electricity?” The good news is that there are plenty of ways to cut your home’s electric usage and monthly utility bill. The good news is that it’s easy to find a device to lower your electric bill. What’s available and what can you expect in terms of energy use reduction?

Smart Devises Manage Consumption

If you own a home and want to use smart devices to cut your electricity usage, you’re in luck. There are different gadgets for lighting systems, heating/cooling, pools, and general use. Plus, most are either surprisingly inexpensive or competitively priced. There’s literally something for everyone. Whether you reside in a small apartment or an average-size house. Even those with a larger home with a swimming pool can benefit. Here’s a short survey of what you can find on the retail market today:

Lights: Energy-saving devices for lights include LED bulbs, smart household systems that monitor usage, like plugs that help you keep tabs on exactly how much power your lighting sources are consuming. But do smart plugs save electricity? They indeed do and can help homeowners reduce lighting costs by as much as 20 percent. Using an app on your phone, you can control the smart plug and turn any device in your home on or off instantly. Plus, you can program one or all your plugs to shut lights or appliances off or turn them on based on a specific schedule.

Consider a Variety of Smart Devices to Save Electricity


Using a combination of motion detectors, dimmers, smart plugs, and automatic timers can mean never wasting a single minute of time on this category of power usage that accounts for about 25 percent of your total utility bill. Keep in mind that the category “appliances and lights” uses about one-third of all the electricity you consume in an average month. Using smart devices to reduce waste is a powerful strategy for saving money.

Heating/Cooling: A programmable thermostat is probably the simplest and least expensive device to lower your electric bill. These inexpensive devices are not only amazing energy conservation tools but also are simple to install. You can pick one up at your local hardware store and have it up and running in under an hour. You can schedule it to keep temps at different levels when you’re at work, sleeping, or entertaining guests.

The beauty of a programmable thermostat is that it never “forgets” what you instruct it to do. Plus, you’ll never have to run back and forth to the wall unit and adjust it every few hours. If you use a roof-based sensor, you can even tell the thermostat to heat or cool the inside of your home based on outdoor temperatures at any given time.

Using Solar Power to Reduce Energy Consumption and Save

Pools: If you have a swimming pool, you already know about the expenses associated with keeping it clean and warm. Unfortunately, many consumers over-use pumps and pool heaters. Smart devices attached to each can mean a pump that only runs a couple of hours per day and a pool that uses solar power for warmth. Of all the devices in your home, pool pumps have one of the highest needs for electricity. Installing a timer for better pump cycling and an inexpensive solar heater can go a long way toward reducing energy bills for the average homeowner who has a swimming pool.

Power Strips: These clever, inexpensive multi-outlet strips make it easy to turn off several devices all at once. Things like laptops, phone chargers, and TVs can use varying amounts of electricity even when they are “off” but still plugged into a wall outlet. Rather than having to unplug each one of them every day, simply plug vampire appliances into smart power strips and use a single “on/off” switch to shut everything down when you go to bed at night or leave home for more than a few minutes.

Pay Attention to Your Monthly Utility Bills

Monitor Bills

After switching out old light bulbs for LEDs you can install dimmers. Using a programmable thermostat, begin heating your pool with solar devices, and use power strips for small devices. Ensure to make careful note of your monthly utility bills. The more tactics you use, the more is should decrease. But it’s important to monitor bills carefully to see exactly how much your usage goes down from month to month.

Speaking of monitoring and smart devices. Another system you may want to consider is a home surveillance system. It will give you peace of mind and work right alongside any other smart devices you use in your home.

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How to Conserve Energy and Save Electricity In Your Home

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