All Around Moving

Some of the best storage units come with value-added services that serve well in protecting your items. A well-lit, clean and secure storage unit is an ideal choice. However, All Around Moving raises the quality bar a notch up, with impressive features that ensure your belongings are safe and more importantly fit right.

Like all storage companies prices at All Around Moving are indicative of the different packages and the features that they harbor. You will find surveillance in the storage facility, alarms inside the unit, insurance on all articles stored, storage units that are designed with climate control, and carts and dollies which can be used for free.

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All Around Moving company offers units that are as small as 5’ by 5’ to ones as spacious as 10’ by 25’. It all depends on the articles that you have for storage.

All Around Moving hosts storage space with some of the best storage services in the industry in New York. To get the right storage unit for your needs, call us at 646.723-4084 or 212.781.4118, or fill out our form and we will get back to you with a quotation and an option that will suit you.