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Following design trends in your home can help provide it a vibrant look and make it stand out to you and your guests. Feature this look for summer this year when trends continue to blossom and bring novel ideas to allow your home to showcase its personality. Just in time for the warm weather, this post offers home decorating ideas for summer.

With the summer sun shining through your window, there’s no better time to begin your interior revamp to enhance the look of your property. There are plenty of summer trend ideas that you can recreate in your home that you can consider.

You may find that many summer trends this year will be relatively easy to incorporate into your design; however, the best options would be those that appear more natural and fit well with your current home design. Here are some that can work well for 2020.

Natural Fiber Interior

Natural Fiber Interior

Natural fiber interior and design are making a comeback for 2020. Considering the modern designs that have been upgraded for natural fibers, it’s no surprise that they’re making a revival. However, their main attraction is due to the increase in demand for environmentally-friendly and sustainable products.

The complication with natural fiber interior is that it can only work well if you fit it in the correct way. Some of the example materials that make up natural fibers include tea towels, curtains and rugs.

Wooden Features

Wooden Features

While wood may have been considered an outdated theme for many homeowners in the past, you can make the most of it this year for summer home decor. It can provide an elegant finish and provide a warm setting to your living space.

There are several areas in the living room where you can include wood, whether it’s through the accent features or on your ceiling. Adding wood in your living space provides a rustic and industrial style to your interior, showcasing a very elegant setting.

Try Green

room with green wall, green blanket on sofa, and green ottoman

Green is a bit of an enigma when it comes to home interior. Some homeowners think it’s far too bold to be considered in a room space, while others think it makes a great centerpiece for their room. But trying out tones of green that suit your living room can change your perception of it.

For example, you can try a pastille green to provide a light shade that can be easily matched with white, brown and yellow tones to incorporate a real summer vibe to your living space. Alternatively, an emerald green feature wall can produce an extremely bold look.

Include Art

Include Art


Painting your wall only completes half the job. Wall accessories added to your space can create a completely different dimension to its appearance and complement the rest of the room. In particular, the right art collection pinned up on your wall provides an extra edge.

Wall decor that tells a story or projects natural habitats tends to be a popular choice in the summer. This can be accompanied with large, thick white frames that look perfectly pinned up on the wall. Alternatively, showcase real brightness in your room through a wall mirror to reflect light that can really open up your living space and make it appear bigger than it actually is.

Marine Color Tones

Marine Color Tones

If you are passionate about interior decor and how it looks, for the summer there’s no better choice than the marine look with your design. The color themes associated with marine imagery emphasize light blues, whites and greys, each being mixed around the room to break up the color scheme and give a nautical theme to the room’s appearance.

A light blue designer sofa with a white throw under a grey rug is one example of how these breakable tones work so well in the decor. They work particularly well when the room is well lighted or features a large window space that provides plenty of light into the room. It’ll almost feel like you’re living right on the coast or near the beach!

Go For a New Trend This Summer

If you’re worried about the expense of giving your interior design a complete overhaul, you shouldn’t. It doesn’t have to take draining your bank account to undertake a home interior remodeling project.

With a reasonable budget and the correct planning, these are just some of the ideas that you can consider to incorporate interior summer design trends for 2020. You just need to decide whether these projects would require professional help, or are things that you can do yourself.

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