When it comes to finding a safe and secure place to live in Staten Island, it’s essential to consider the neighborhood’s crime rates, community atmosphere, and overall peace of mind. As experts in local moving and committed to providing top-notch moving services, All Around Moving Services Company understands the importance of safety. In this article, we’ll explore the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision for your next move. So, let’s dive in and discover the secure havens within this vibrant borough.

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1. Tottenville: Peaceful Living at Its Finest

Tottenville stands out as one of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island. Located on the southernmost tip of the borough, this waterfront community offers a tranquil atmosphere, beautiful parks, and a close-knit community. With its low crime rates and family-friendly environment, Tottenville is an excellent choice for those seeking a secure place to call home.

2. Annadale: A Safe Haven for Families

Known for its residential charm, Annadale is another neighborhood in Staten Island that consistently ranks high in terms of safety. This family-oriented community boasts well-maintained streets, quality schools, and a range of amenities. With a strong sense of community and a low crime rate, Annadale is a top contender for individuals and families looking for a secure and welcoming neighborhood.

3. Great Kills: Security and Serenity

Situated on Staten Island’s southeastern coast, Great Kills offers a delightful combination of safety and serenity. This peaceful neighborhood features tree-lined streets, a variety of parks, and a close proximity to the waterfront. With its strong community spirit and a low crime rate, Great Kills provides residents with a sense of security and an ideal environment for a harmonious lifestyle.

4. Richmondtown: History and Safety

Richmondtown, known for its historical significance, also stands as one of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island. As you stroll through its picturesque streets, you’ll encounter beautifully preserved colonial homes and a sense of tranquility. With its strong community involvement and a low crime rate, Richmondtown offers a secure and charming living environment for its residents.

Answering Your Common Questions:

The Safest Towns in Staten Island, NY

Based on crime rates and community safety, Tottenville, Annadale, Great Kills, and Richmondtown are considered among the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island.

What is the best part of Staten Island to live?

The best part of Staten Island to live ultimately depends on your preferences and lifestyle. However, Tottenville, Annadale, Great Kills, and Richmondtown are highly regarded for their safety, family-friendly atmosphere, and overall quality of life.

Where do the rich live in Staten Island?

Staten Island boasts several upscale neighborhoods that attract affluent residents. Some of the neighborhoods known for their affluent residents include Todt Hill, Grymes Hill, and Lighthouse Hill.

Is Staten Island the safest borough?

While Staten Island generally has lower crime rates compared to other boroughs of New York City, it’s important to note that safety can vary within different neighborhoods. It is essential to research specific neighborhoods within Staten Island to determine their safety levels and suitability for your needs.


When it comes to finding a safe and secure neighborhood in Staten Island, Tottenville, Annadale, Great Kills, and Richmondtown are among the top choices. These neighborhoods offer low crime rates, a strong sense of community, and a peaceful environment for residents. As you plan your local move in Staten Island, consider partnering with All Around Moving Services Company, your trusted local movers in NYC, to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home. Explore the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island and embrace the peace of mind that comes with living in a secure community.

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