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Think of making a move? Baltimore doesn’t always have a great reputation, however, they don’t call it Charm City without reason. With its bohemian vibe and great food, people who live here, love it.  Below are ten things to consider before making a move to Baltimore.

You Are Centrally Located On The East Coast

If you travel around the East coast for work, Baltimore is a good place to call home. An hour by train from Washington D.C., two hours from Philadelphia, and four hours from New York City makes Baltimore an easy choice for a place to settle down.  Not only that, but it’s also located centrally in the state of Maryland itself.  Drive an hour to hike in the mountains or travel an hour to the beach along the Chesapeake Bay.

Public Transportation Is A Work In Progress

Most people will agree that public transportation within the city leaves much to be desired.  There is only one light-rail line and only one metro line.  “The buses have recently been overhauled to improve efficiency but it’s not the best way to get around.  However, the traffic isn’t terrible if you decide to drive,” advises Nicole Argent, a writer at Essay Services.

Higher Education is Great in Baltimore

This city is home to several big-name public and private institutions, the biggest being Johns Hopkins University.  This prestigious school is one of the top-ranked hospital teaching universities in the world.  It also is a leading biomedical research facility.

Baltimore Weather is Completely Unpredictable

Prepare yourselves for constantly changing weather.  Bring a wide range of clothing attire, including winter gear.  It can go from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to snowing within a few days.  And yes, Maryland drivers are not great wintery weather drivers, so if you hail from the North, you will laugh and shake your head.


Baltimore is home to the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness. This race takes place in May every year at the Pimlico race track.  It’s an all-age extravaganza and kind of a big deal.

You Will Never Want To Leave Your Neighborhood

All the neighborhoods in Baltimore are so different. You will probably want to figure out what is the best fit for your lifestyle and move there.  All the amenities are local and close by so the need to travel outside your little slice of heaven will be seldom.


Marylanders love eating crabs and in Baltimore, it is no different.  Chances are high that in the summer months you will be invited to eat crab somewhere within the city with your new colleagues or friends.  There is a special technique to eating the blue crab, so it is advised that you watch a few videos and brush up on the technique, to get the most meat out of your crab.

Baltimore Offers A Varied And Fun Night Out

Inner Harbor, with its tourist attractions like the Baltimore Aquarium and Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, is located here, but so are many other cultural and historical museums, like the Historic Ships of Baltimore exhibit and the Reginald F Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture. A mere one block away is Power Plant Live!, home to a collection of bars, restaurants, and music venues, very conveniently placed. It also has a selection of local theatrical venues, like the Hippodrome and the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company.

There is An Official Sport

You read that right, Maryland has an official state sport.  As of 2004, the official sport in Baltimore is lacrosse. In 1962 it was listed as jousting. If you are a lover of all things sports, this city is a good place to be.

Get Ready to Wear Purple on Fridays

Baltimoreans love their two local teams, the Ravens and Orioles. The Ravens were named after the Edgar Allan Poe poem ‘ The Raven’. The team colors are purple, black and gold. Many offices allow workers to come dressed in purple to show support of the home team and the city does shut down for a Ravens game. It’s also traditional to attend an Orioles game during the season, although most people go to hang out and socialize rather than watch the game.

A move to Baltimore is a big family decision.  There is something for everyone in the city.  With these ten tips, you will be prepared to make the best decision for everyone involved.

We hope you found this blog post The Top Ten Need To Know Tips Before Moving To Baltimore useful. Be sure to check out our post Why Move To Baltimore for more great tips!


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