Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving is a big step in anyone’s life, and it can be overwhelming to think about the process. However, even with careful planning and organization, many tasks must be completed before settling into your new home. To ensure you don’t forget anything important when packing up for your move, use this ultimate moving checklist so nothing gets left behind. 

Two Months Before Moving Day

When you first decide to move, several things should get done right away: 

  • Sort and purge: Start by going through your belongings room-by-room so you know what exactly needs to go with you on the journey. Get rid of duplicates or items that no longer serve their purpose to save time while packing later on down the line!  
  • Research movers: Get quotes from companies that offer services like helping pack boxes or providing storage options if needed; compare them based on cost-effectiveness and customer reviews before deciding which one will work best for your budget constraints.  
  • Create a moving binder: This can help keep everything organized – include essential documents such as contracts from real estate agents and information about utility bills at both old/new addresses that need switching over. 

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

With just six weeks to go, now’s the time to start getting more into details:

  • Order supplies: Get packing materials like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap so that you have enough for when it comes down to packing up your possessions – make sure everything is labeled correctly too!  
  • Use or lose it: Start using food items that won’t be able to travel with you during the move, such as frozen foods or condiments. This will save space in your new home from unnecessary items cluttering cabinets and countertops; they can always be replaced once settled elsewhere!   
  • Take measurements: If necessary, furniture pieces need replacing due to size constraints of certain rooms at either the old/new address; taking careful note of dimensions beforehand could save money by avoiding costly mistakes later on. 

One Month Before Moving Day

Now’s a good time to get all official documents taken care of before moving day arrives :

  • Choose your mover and confirm arrangements – read through contracts carefully while double checking services offered (pickup/delivery dates etc.) as well any additional fees associated with them; if possible, try negotiating rates based upon what each company has to offer.  
  • Begin packing – even if you don’t feel like it, start boxing up non-essential items such as kitchenware or decor pieces now to save time later when everything needs to be done all at once! Also, remember while doing so, label each box according to its contents – this will make unpacking faster and much easier.   
  • Separate valuables: Make sure any necessary documents, jewelry, and other valuable belongings are placed in a separate bag that can be taken with you personally instead of being left behind with movers due to safety reasons. 
  • Do a change of address: Update your new address for family and friends. Also, take care of official paperwork related to changes, such as credit cards/utilities, etc.; some services may require written documentation which could delay the process further down the line if not prepared beforehand! 

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

The countdown is getting close now; here’s what should get done during these last fourteen days leading up until moving day arrives :

  • Arrange time off from work on a moving day: This means taking into account holidays occurring around the same period plus any vacation days available through either company policies or personal leave requests granted by employers – plan just in case something unexpected pops up unexpectedly!  
  • Get a tune-up: If you’re driving your vehicle to the new location, now would be an ideal time for getting any maintenance done at a garage to avoid any potential issues further down the line. 
  • Clean out safe deposit box: Take all items stored away here back home with you instead of leaving them behind; this way, they can travel safely while being kept track of until arriving at the destination point securely. 

One Week Before Moving Day

Now’s when things start becoming increasingly hectic, so try staying organized and follow these steps:

  • Refill prescriptions: Make sure medications are up-to-date and written records accompanying physician contact information are included just in case the doctor needs to be contacted during the settling period after the move has taken place – if applicable, also update the pet’s medical records too!    
  • Pack your suitcases – even though the moving company will take care of packing/transporting large furniture pieces that won’t fit inside the car, having personal belongings ready helps save valuable time on the day itself (clothes/books, etc.).  

A Few Days Before Moving Day

With less than three days left before ‘go’ time arrives, it’s crucial not to forget some often overlooked tasks such as :   

  • Defrost freezer – ensure all food items inside have been eaten or thrown away; water from defrosting will need to be wiped up before loading onto a truck and spilling into boxes containing fragile objects. 
  • Double-check the details – confirm movers are aware of off pick/drop times, review insurance coverage, and double-check any additional fees associated with services offered (if applicable).   
  • Payment plan: Ask the company if payments can either be made in advance prior move taking place or after completion, depending upon your preferences – some businesses require cash payments at the time of delivery, whereas others allow credit cards too. 

Moving Day The final stretch is here.

Make sure everything goes according to plan by:

  • Verifying moving truck: Check that size of the vehicle matches what was initially requested while confirming the number of staff members handling the packing/unpacking process as well; this ensures safety belongings are transported safely without issue during the transit period.  
  • Take inventory: Go through each box to ensure nothing has been misplaced/damaged due to delays caused by heavy traffic, etc., while noting down serial numbers of electrical items such as TVs, fridges, and stereos just in case anything happens once arriving new address(es).   
  • Final walkthrough: Do one last inspection of both old properties currently living plus destination point soon be coming home, ensuring lights are switched off, appliances are unplugged, etc. 
  • Say goodbye: To the family, friends familiar places – enjoy special moments before packing everything away and saying farewells until the next meet-up!  
  • Lock up: Make sure all doors/windows are securely shut while double checking the surrounding area for anything left behind (e.g., keys); this final task ensures nothing can go wrong once moving day has officially ended its journey toward a new home(s).   
  • Drive safely: taking into account any potential roadworks occurring during the route plus ensuring breaks are taken when needed assists in keeping drivers alert while reaching their destination in one piece – don’t forget to have adequate insurance coverage too, just in case worst happens during the transit period!


Moving can be a stressful experience, but with the proper planning and organization, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Following this checklist helps make sure you cover every vital detail that needs to be done before settling into your new home, from sorting through belongings early on downline, researching movers confirming details the week leading up to move – not forgetting getting the vehicle checked over and doing the last walkthrough locking door say goodbye old address head off towards future abode safe secure knowing nothing been left behind and wishing readers best luck in their exciting ventures ahead!

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