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Massachusetts is a beautiful, small state located along the eastern shores of the United States. Often referred to as The Bay State or The Codfish States, the area is covered in warm sandy beaches and large granite cliffs along with low rolling hills and several small bodies of water. The state enjoys hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters with ample precipitation. Massachusetts is an amazing place to visit, with amazing things to do. Relocating to Massachusetts also has many benefits!

Fantastic Things To Do In Massachusetts

Visit Cape Cod Beaches

Cape Cod is a beautiful, relaxing place to vacation. Most of its 560-mile shoreline is soft, sandy white beaches that feature stunning sandy beaches beckoning visitors to splash and play. Cape Cod beaches have excellent swim, sand, and water sport opportunities. Many beaches have picnic areas and large open and outdoor spaces for organized games.

Most of the Cape is protected by the Cape Cod National Seashore, so much of it has remained untouched since the 1800s. It is an area abundant in history, arts, and culture. A few beaches to explore are Mayflower Beach, Macaroni Beach and Sandy Neck Beach. The most pleasant time to visit is the summer season. During its’ summer season, the Cape has delightful weather nearly every day.

Take a road trip to the town of Peabody

Peabody is a delightful town approximately 27 km northeast of Boston. It is a vibrant place with public transportation easily accessible. A historic city, West Peabody used to be mainly farmland until the 1950’s when it was developed into a residential area. Peabody is home to the Salem Country Club, which has a well-known professional golf course.

A few great things to do in Peabody are visit Brooksby Farm and take a tour of the George Peabody House Museum. There are many beautiful biking trails, a witch house, and the Witch Dungeon Museum to explore. Furthermore, enjoy picking fresh, crisp produce at Brooksby Farm. Peabody is a destination with many beautiful sights to see. It is a lovely place to visit with something for everyone to enjoy. It is rich in culture and makes a wonderful vacation stay!

Visit Harvard Square and Museums

Harvard University is a world-known leading education center. The entire area is filled with beautiful historic buildings, gardens, shops, cafes, and enchanting book stores. In addition, there are incredible museums to visit and beautiful landscapes to wonder about.

Take a tour of Salem’s historic houses

Salem, Massachusetts, is a place that is rich in history. It is famous for its historical witch trials. Salem is full of culture and exciting things to see and do. There is excellent public transportation and nearby airports as well making travel to and around the town easy. Salem’s historic houses are an architectural delight and the area is filled with many restaurants, historic homes and shops.

Visit The Berkshires

The Berkshires are the highland region in western Massachusetts. Offering beautiful scenery, there are numerous trails to explore, several famous performance centers and a national historic landmark – Jacobs Pillow. The Berkshires is also home to Monument Mountain and Mount Greylock, which is the highest point in all of Massachusetts. Moreover, the Berkshires are especially beautiful during Autumn with their colorful fall foliage. You’ll find yourself surrounded by explosions of reds, oranges and gold all over the beautiful trees.

Explore Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Cape Cod Lavender Farm is a peaceful escape. Wander through their incredibly fragrant farms and explore the benefits of lavender. The Cape Cod Lavender Farm is a treat for all of your senses. Equipped with an enchanted garden, this farm is perfect for all age groups.

All in all, Massachusetts is a wonderland for visitors and residents alike. Thus, bursting with amenities, recreational opportunities, historic centers and so much more, there is no shortage of things to do and see.

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