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Here is the checklist of things an over the road truck driver needs

You never know what will happen to you during your next trip. The essence of the profession you have chosen is that you have to be far from your houser  for long time, living in a truck. And running to the supermarket whenever you forget something is inappropriate. Therefore, creating a checklist of things you take with you makes sense and divides them into categories. Planning is the key to excellent preparedness, but it may vary by each route assigned.


Among other things, a truck driver needs gallons of bottled water on top. You will use it for cleaning, cooking, and staying hydrated. So it’s important to stay hydrated.


Trucking needs not just canned food and healthy snacks. You want to avoid fast food every night so grab a portable electric skillet. Slow cookers work well, too. A truck driver can plug it into the cigarette lighter and cook raw food such as chicken, beef, or pork for about 180 minutes. A bad eating habit is a bad habit. Also, keep fruit, whole grain crackers, sunflower seeds, nuts, dark chocolate nearby, and other nonperishable food.

Sleep and sit accessories

First, you need a sleeping bag or blanket with a pillow. Then earplugs are highly relevant to team drivers in case of somebody’s snoring. It ensures qualitative rest. So it is one of the things a truck driver needs to be efficient and safe on the road. And one more. Sitting for too long could cause long-term side effects (back, tailbone, or neck pain, numbness, spinal issues, hemorrhoids, and compromised posture.) But an orthopedic seat cushion gift could minimize those factors.


Just a must-have list: 

  • toothbrush, 
  • shampoo, 
  • floss, 
  • deodorant, 
  • toothpaste, 
  • shower flip-flops, 
  • nail clippers, 
  • bath towel, 
  • hand broom and dustpan, 
  • DC fan, 
  • dry or wet vacuum cleaner, 
  • Clorox wipes, 
  • microfiber cloth, 
  • dish soap, 
  • toilet paper, 
  • heavy-duty trash bags, 
  • laundry detergent, and bag. 

That’s all the hygiene things a tow truck driver needs in his or her trucking service.


More cloth things a truck driver needs. It would help if you had leather cowboy gloves. Many truck drivers agree that these are durable and the most comfortable. It tends to be less constricting than racing gloves. Waterproof boots, an extra waterproof jacket, and pair of boots in-cab are also must-haves.


Reliable ELD (EZLOGZ, for example), load board, tire pressure gauge, screwdriver (flat and Phillips), claw hammer, crowbar, tape measure, vice grips, hand-held sledgehammer, pliers, crescent wrench, utility knife, 5th wheel pin puller, torque wrenches, chains for tires, push broom, road flares with cones, square-point shovel, super glue, trucking flashlight, batteries, tin snips, duct tape, jumper cables, tarp, window de-icer, fuses, pliers, extra GPS, plastic knee pads, and a wrench.


A truck driver needs expanding file folders, contracts, CDL license, liquid tankers or triple trailers certification, insurance, transporting hazardous materials special certification, other state trucking permits, dashcam, vehicle registration, long-form physical, and TWIC.


Trucking coffee warmer, power inverter, phone charger, 12-volt cooler, extra 12-volt chargers and cords for backup, an up-to-date road atlas, dash-mounted cell phone holder, a hands-free, bluetooth setup. Here are the things a new truck driver needs.


Every truck driver must have a first aid kit and sunglasses.


Remember to pack a CB radio, tablet with cellular connectivity, headset, a box of pens, notepad, and dry-erase marker. That are all things a truck driver needs on the trucking route.

This is what our ten things a truck driver needs look like. Your comfort and safety in the journey consist exclusively of preparation before it. No matter how many miles we have behind us, we sometimes need to remember to pack something. Therefore, we advise you to create a checklist in a notebook or smartphone and follow it. It will ensure that all the necessary components of your success are on track. In addition, it will be easier for you to set yourself up for the road. And we also recommend washing the car before work, which will help avoid many problems. And life on the road will be as comfortable as you want!

We hope you found this blog post on Things Truck Drivers Need in their Routes useful. Be sure to check out our post on Are Truck Drivers Responsible for Damages? for more great tips!

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