Hardwood Floors and Extend Their Life

Hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful and most reliable flooring choices for any environment. They are particularly good for areas that have heavy high traffic and spaces where you want an exquisite, outstanding look.

In spite of this sleek look, taking care of hardwood floors can be a demanding task. Dents and gouges can be hard to fix, while stains leave an ugly mark that you won’t be too proud to look at constantly. In this post, we look into various ways you can protect your hardwood floor from damage.

1. Regular Cleaning

This is indisputably the easiest way to take care of your hardwood floor. Just clean it up regularly, and you not only keep it looking good but also make it last longer. Cleaning your floor ensures that you get rid of dust, grime, grime, food crumbs, and any other kind of dirt that could slowly cause damage to your floor. While you’re at it, choose a high-quality broom, vacuum, or dust mop such as a microfiber mop. Also, choose quality cleaning products that protect your floor without causing damage.

2. Protect From Water Damage

Some areas in your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, may be exposed to water damage. In this case, you notice a difference in such areas, while longer exposure makes the wood become soggy and weather away. Make every effort to keep your floor dry by fixing any leaking pipes and drying off spills as soon as they happen. Water on the floors cause mildew and encourage the growth of mold. Continued damage might even necessitate an overhaul on the floor.

3. Avoid Damage Caused By Furniture

When carrying furniture in and out or just moving it around, you may cause scruffs and scratches on your wooden floor. This will leave ugly marks on your wooden floor. You can take care of this by placing protective pads under the furniture so that it doesn’t directly come into contact with the floor. This reduces friction and the chances of causing scratches on your wooden floor.

4. Protect High-Traffic Areas From Wear And Tear

In every house, there are areas that receive more traffic than others, such as the corridors and the sitting area. Such areas are more prone to damage because of all the weight and movement. Give more attention to such areas by cleaning them more often with protective products. You could also have a “no shoe” policy just to make sure that the floor doesn’t take a hard beating. High heels and spike shoes may leave marks on the floors or simply pierce through the timber.

5. Cover With Mats And Rugs

Placing rugs, mats, and carpets on your floor is a good way of taking care of your hardwood floors. It keeps the floor protected for longer and also makes it soft and comfortable to walk on. However, you need to choose your mats carefully. Some mats could cause moisture to build up underneath, causing mold and general deterioration of the wood. If it’s not regularly checked, dirt may also accumulate under your mats and rugs. Choose mats that allow easy breathing and circulation of air.

6. Protect From Too Much Heat/Sun

Exposure to UV light causes discoloration of your wood. This process is known as photochemical oxidation. Some woods will either fade or darken when exposed to UV lights. Putting up blinds and curtains is one way of protecting your wooden binds from damage cussed by direct sunlight. Besides blocking direct sunlight, you can also invest in a floor finish that contains UV protection properties.

7. Apply Coating And Recoat Regularly

Instead of leaving your wooden floor with its industrial finish, you could apply a protective coating. This will give it a good finish, protect it from staining and make it easy to clean at all times.

Once you notice scuffs and scratches on your wood, you may need to recoat, although this may be necessary only after a long period of time. Be sure to discuss this with your product provider for a better choice of coating. Ask them about quality floors sanding if needed.

8. Use The Right Products

Part of protecting your wooden floors is choosing the right wood care products. From polish to brushes, carpets, and scrubs, you must ensure that the quality of products is right for the floors and do they can do the work without causing any harm to the hardwood floors.


The natural feel that hardwood floors bring to you makes them an outstanding choice. Whether you are renovating an old house or building a modern house, hardwood is a great choice for your floors. Notably, depending on the quality and space size of your floor, it can be expensive to install. For this reason, all efforts should be made to maintain your hardwood looking sleek and new. The tips outlined here should give you a good head start.

We hope you found this blog post Tips to Protect your Hardwood Floors and Extend Their Life useful. Be sure to check out our post Hardwood Flooring That Makes Your Home Look Fabulous for more great tips!


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