One of the best things about the beginning of a new year is having a fresh start. When everything around you seems the same old, it’s time to give it a little spruce up. 

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you churn out delicious dishes (or maybe even mess up a few), have fun with your family and friends and create the best memories. Therefore, it goes without saying that it’s important to have a welcoming cooking space for a happy and healthy home. With a few quick steps, upgrade your space and design the kitchen you’ve always yearned for. From accessories to organization ideas, get a glimpse into amazing kitchen decor ideas that you can recreate in your own home.

Kitchen Revamp

1. Seek the Light…

Let there be light and lots of it! If you’re a person who spends lots of time in the kitchen, ensure to have abundant natural light coming in. Having windows with sunlight entering through helps you create a space that feels good to be in. 

Pro Tip: Maximize the use of white with a little pop of color to instantly brighten up the space. In addition to being reflective, white also helps give a clean and fresh look. 

If there is no possibility of natural light, have artificial light fixtures to fill its absence. You could go for flush-mount ceiling lights or pendant lights overhead that add flair to the decor and sufficiently light up the kitchen.

2. Live Life in Color

Design is all about unleashing your inner creativity. For any creative expression, you would need a canvas. Let the color of your kitchen be the perfect canvas to build on. Gather inspiration from the Tattered Pew and choose a color scheme for your kitchen. This mix and match of blue and brown hues add warmth and sets the tone of the space. The addition of Checkered Dish Towels infuses pattern and texture into the interior. Apart from elevating the interior design, All Cotton and Linen’s Kitchen Towels are also a utilitarian accessory that helps you tackle all cleaning tasks effortlessly. 

While you could pick a classic monochromatic look, you could also take the trendy route and use contrasting hues to completely transform the space. Just keep in mind to maintain a balance when you choose vibrant and juxtaposing hues to sustain the cohesiveness of the space and not make it overwhelming. 

Cling-Clang of Kitchenware

3. Hear the Cling-Clang of Kitchenware!

No kitchen is complete without utensils and accessories (well, duh). While this is a kitchen must-have, who says you can’t make them look chic and cute? Give a vintage and rustic feel to your kitchen with copper or bronze vessels and utensils. You could also mix and match metals to get rid of the monotonous stainless steel and give the space a cool look. Keep in mind copper requires polishing to retain the shine of the surface and maintain its longevity.

Be smart with the storage in the kitchen. If you have limited cabinet space, make use of the ample vertical space available like this with hooks on bars to avoid clutters and messes.

4. Swoon-worthy Cabinets

Cabinets are undoubtedly an indispensable part of any kitchen. Apart from serving as a utilitarian storage space, cabinets can also be an accentuating element of the decor. You could go for bright-colored cabinets for a splash of liveliness to the space or warm and earthy tones to be calming. 

Swoon-worthy Cabinets

If you choose a clean white look for the cabinets, you could select a fun-colored backsplash for some brightness or a textured backsplash with a trendy pattern and quote to make a statement.

Speaking of trendy cabinets…

Open cabinets and shelving are so in vogue today. You not only get to display your beautiful kitchenware but also make them accessible by being visible to the eye. This is also great while hosting a large number of people, where guests can help themselves to the things and make it easier for everyone. 

5. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

It’s super easy to let the kitchen get messy and disordered. To enjoy the process of cooking, a clutter-free space is of utmost importance. This is where kitchen accessories become your saving grace. 

 Find affordable, yet charming accessories like baskets, ladle-holders, cutlery trays, peg boards and hooks, and kitchen larders to help conquer your clutter and avoid the avalanche of things stuffed inside cabinets.

6. All Things Vintage

Decorating is all about experimenting and coming up with exciting discoveries. This little kitchen corner is unconventional, yet so beautiful. The choice of vintage decor pieces and the addition of a small reading corner add to the charm of the space and give it a cozy cottage vibe.

7. Eating Nook in the Kitchen

Having a spot for sitting and eating in the kitchen is a great idea to make the space more inviting. You could use a part of the kitchen island and a few wooden stools to create this nook. This would be great for having a quick meal on the go and also save space. Seating in the kitchen is also perfect while hosting parties and get-togethers to keep conversing and entertaining the guests while cooking.

8. Patterned Floor

If you’ve chosen a monochrome or a neutral look for the kitchen, break the unvarying design with a patterned floor to add some much-needed impact. This classic black and white retro-inspired floor incorporates a harmonious balance of design in the kitchen. You could also have an accent wall to break the monotony and give the kitchen a delightful expression.

9. Sometimes Less is More

They say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Therefore, keeping things simple is always a good idea. 

This minimalist kitchen is equal parts sleek and cool. The all-white neutral look paired with minimal accessories gives it a clean backdrop for cooking. The space is practical to tackle kitchen chores and looks super classy and elegant. 

10. A Farmhouse Dream with a Modern Twist

Make your farmhouse decor fancy come true with this perfect mix of classic and contemporary design. The wooden kitchen island and the antique light fixture combined with the modern stove top are the ideal blends of homey and sophistication. The farmhouse design gives it a cozy feel and adds that country charm to the space.

Find inspiration to craft the kitchen of your dreams and give it a beautiful refresh for a new beginning. Have fun coming up with your own ideas and fall in love with the look you create.

We hope you found this blog post on Top 10 Decor Ideas for a Kitchen Revamp useful. Be sure to check out our post on The Best Kitchen Improvement Projects for Summer for more great tips!

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