The thought of relocating your beloved hot tub can elicit a kaleidoscope of emotions – from excitement and anxiety to the sudden onset of worry. Like many aspects of home ownership, the process of moving your hot tub from one corner of your oasis to another is fraught with potential pitfalls. Be it tipping, leaks, or electrical setbacks, the road to hot tub relocation is truly paved with the best intentions… and often, the most common mistakes.

But fret not, homeowners and tub enthusiasts, for with a bit of foresight and knowledge, we’re here to guide you through the daunting task of hot tub relocation unscathed. This guide is designed to be your unsung hero in ensuring that your spa moves with grace, integrity, and most importantly, without driving you to hot water.

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1. Underestimating the Scope of the Move

Relocation begins with a disconcerting question – do you really know how hefty that tub of hot water is? Underestimating the weight of your tub is a groan-worthy error that can lead to a series of unfortunate events. This colossal mistake often results in insufficient moving equipment, strained muscles, and potential structural damage to your home, deck, or patio.

The Solution:

  1. Consult your owner’s manual or manufacturer for the specific weight of your hot tub.
  2. Hire an experienced moving company that specializes in hot tub relocation.
  3. Ensure the destination is structurally sound and can support the hot tub’s weight, plus the weight of the water and those peaceful evenings you’ll spend soaking.

2. Forgetting the Permits and Regulations

Moving a hot tub isn’t just about the physical act; it’s about navigating a labyrinth of rules and regulations that vary from state to state, city to city. Forgetting to secure the necessary permits can result in costly fines and the long arm of the law interrupting your moving day plans.

The Solution:

  1. Research local zoning laws and permit requirements well in advance of your move.
  2. Obtain any necessary permits and have them readily available on moving day.
  3. Be aware of electrical and water installation regulations to ensure the proper setup at the new location.

3. Overlooking the Importance of Drainage and Drying

A hot tub is, by definition, “hot” and “watery.” Overlooking the necessity to fully drain and dry your hot tub can wreak havoc on your moving logistics. Neglecting this step can lead to plumbing issues, mold, and a host of other unfortunate situations.

The Solution:

  1. Turn off all power to the hot tub and drain all water according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Allow ample time for the hot tub to completely dry – this can take several days.
  3. Purge any remaining water from the circulation system and apply a protective covering to prevent contamination during transit.

4. Disconnecting and Reconnecting Incorrectly

In your eagerness to complete the move, the precision of disconnecting and, most importantly, reconnecting your hot tub’s plumbing and electrical components can be easily overlooked. This common mistake can lead to leaks, operational malfunctions, and in the worst case, electrical hazards.

The Solution:

  1. Take detailed pictures of the hot tub’s setup and label wires and lines prior to disconnecting.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to properly disconnect and secure all plumbing and electrical components for relocation.
  3. Upon reinstalling the hot tub, perform a thorough check to ensure all connections are snug and secure before filling the tub with water.

5. Rushing the Transport Process

Hot tub relocation isn’t for the faint of heart – or the hasty and impatient. Rushing the transport process can result in uneven weight distribution, damage to the hot tub’s shell, or worse, costly accidents that could have otherwise been avoided.

The Solution:

  1. Utilize proper moving equipment such as spa dollies, straps, and a sturdy transport vehicle.
  2. Use caution and slow, deliberate movements during the loading, transport, and unloading of the hot tub.
  3. Consider installing a new hot tub cover to protect the tub during transit and from premature aging.

In closing, the task of moving your hot tub is not one to be taken lightly. By avoiding these five common mistakes and following the provided solutions with diligence, you can ensure that your hot tub relocation is a success. Remember, patience and caution are key in preserving the tranquility of your oasis. Happy rubbing, everyone!

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