Top States to visit within the USA

If you want to visit the United States of America then you would need to have a tourist visa for USA. You cannot travel to United States without having an official visa from the embassy. Today you can get the US visa from the American embassy in your country or you can also apply online. You can get information about the US visa from the embassy but if you want to know about the top states that you must visit while on your stay there then you need to read this post. Here we have mentioned details about the top states to visit within the USA.

Know that each state of America is famous for its own unique character. It depends on your taste and interests when it comes to planning a trip to multiple states in America. For instance if you are interested in wildlife and stuff then you must visit Alaska or if you want to enjoy wine then California is the best place to be. To get to any state you need to apply visa USA. Tourist visa for USA can take time to process!

Best States in America that you should visit!

Here we have mentioned a few popular states that you must visit if you have the tourist visa for USA.


One of the most popular states that you must visit in America is Washington. This is one of the only states in the USA which is named after a president. The state is famous for its rich green forests, emerald city and apple farms. You can find the Cascade Mountains, state parks, volcanoes, islands and much more in this state.


Instead of thinking about how to get US visa you need to gather information about Texas which is the second largest state in America. It is situated in the south region and is loved for many things by tourists across the globe. You can find pop music, spicy cuisines and art galleries in this state. You can also find a variety of bird species in the state of Texas. All you need to visit Texas is the Tourist visa for USA.

New York

New York is another state which is situated in the north east of the US. New York City in this state is also famous as the city of lights! You can enjoy sightseeing in New York. One of the famous places you can see here is Niagara Falls. Moreover, you can find tremendously long beaches and lakes in this state. If you are fond of wine then know that there are more than 100 wineries in this state that you can visit as long as you carry your ESTA form with you.


Last but certainly not the least is California. If you have a tourist visa for USA then you must stay a couple of days in this state. California is famous for many things including excellent weather, landmarks, universities, water marks and even DisneyLand. If you want to have a fun time then you need to get an ESTAS USA visa and get a ticket to California!

We hope you found this blog post Top States to visit within the USA useful. Be sure to check out our post 8 Factors to Consider Before Moving to a New State for more great tips!

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