Each room in one’s house has a personality of its own and it is confusing to know the colors and décor that will bring out each room’s potential. Every homeowner wants a unique look but most people have a tendency to go to the nearest mass retail chain that sells décor and get pieces that are probably manufactured in the thousands. Here are some unique home décor ideas to make each room in your house stand out. 

specific decoration for each room

Your Main Showpiece Area

In terms of rooms, your main living space which is often where guests are seated as well can be considered the showpiece or centerpiece of your interior design. Your living area while filled with tremendous personal effects and keepsakes from all your interests and hobbies, also needs to be a fairly practical space. In open plan spaces the main living area may be an extension of the dining room, and reading and working nooks may also be built into the layout. 

Color drenching is a design trend for seating areas and TV lounges in which one color or shades or hues of a single color are used for the entire décor. This includes wallpaper and paint, furniture and décor accents like lamps or figurines. If the right color is chosen, it can have an enveloping effect on the senses and be very cozy and inviting. After a long, draining day at work, most people want to feel relaxed and a hyper stimulating environment can have the opposite effect. 

Let The Kitchen Shine 

The kitchen is often nicknamed the heart of the house and for good reason. The kitchen is a space where everyone gathers, precious memories are made and great food is cooked. It is a fairly versatile space as people can spend time there and it can be used for entertaining as well especially if the seating is creative, like a little breakfast nook or bar seating situation. The kitchen can also open up to an informal dining space which can be used all the time. 

Style your kitchen the way you would the rest of your house. Imbibe it with personality and creative touches like adding café curtains, rich colored fabrics for hanging tapestries and upholstering couches to add more seating space. Flower arrangements are always greatly appreciated in the kitchen as are stylish racks for hanging pots and pans. Food connoisseurs spend a lot on their kitchen utensils so many pots and pans can be copper and cast iron so displaying them adds a wonderful sense of expertise and passion into the space.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is an incredibly important space in any house and the way it is designed can directly contribute to the quality of sleep and rest a person or couple receives. The bedroom needs to be relatively minimalistic especially for adults since very loud colors and expressive décor can disrupt sleep or cause over-stimulation. The bedroom should also have practical features like blackout curtains for people that work in night shifts or lighter curtains if your bedroom is small and dingy and you want to improve the available lighting. 

Let most of the décor in your bedroom serve a purpose. Have gorgeous large lamps to facilitate late night reading and a cozy armchair. Ottomans are great for the foot of the bed and they can add a bit of extra storage. Speaking of which, if your bedroom is very small choose beds that open up to provide storage. Use neutral colored fabrics for curtains and rugs and make sure you create the coziest bed possible. Use a good quality mattress and mattress topper, invest in the softest comforters and pillows and use throw blankets and accent pillows for that pop of color everyone needs in a bedroom. Hire some residential painters to paint your bedroom some neutral colors so that it looks larger and has a relaxing vibe. 

Don’t Forget About The Bathroom! 

The bathroom is also a room of rest and rejuvenation and décor matters. If you can afford a substantial remodel consider getting a copper bathtub that reduces inflammation in the joints and is purported to have many benefits. Using valuable stones such as marble or granite can make your bathroom look very luxurious but cheaper DIYs are also taking the internet by storm such as peel and stick marble or tile replicas. Even penny tile mosaics can have a stunning look and a very turn of the century subway tile appeal so you do not need to spend a fortune to have a great looking bathroom. 


Whether you have built your house or moved into an older one, you deserve to have your home look and feel like a space that has your heart and speaks volumes about your interests in life. By using unique décor ideas you can awaken your inner child and have a space that is intriguing and super cozy at the same time.

We hope you found this blog post Unique Home Decor Ideas For Every Room In Your House useful. Be sure to check out our post Home Decor Essentials for Every Home for more great tips!

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