bathroom with glass walls around shower

Interior design is now trending and has received a lot of attention recently. People seek new and inspiring ways of renovating their bathrooms. Frameless glass showers screens are known for their quality, durability and affordability. Families and individuals who have a higher taste bathroom facilities, have a yearning for a frameless shower screen. Frameless shower screens are now in vogue and now come in different styles and shapes. They are unique, giving transparent and refreshing features that set them apart from others. The seamless corners of the shower screens make it outstanding and jaw-dropping. There is a pattern for every design, and the frameless shower screen must also align with the color and style of the bathroom. Distinctive characteristics that a frameless glass shower door has over the framed glass are the absence of metal hardware and framing and a thicker type of tempered glass which aids its functionality. Several marketplaces sell frameless shower screens.

Why You Should Get a Frameless Glass Shower Door

The shower is an important place in the home. It’s generally where you start your day and a place to relax after a hectic day at work. All the more reason to invest in your shower, and the best way of doing so is to get yourself a frameless shower screen. Frameless glass doors for your shower have numerous benefits.

Customizable: The frameless glass shower doors’ flexibility is made to fit every home’s needs and specifications, unlike the customary framed doors produced in large quantities in standard sizes. To stop water leakages, the frameless glass panes are evenly fitted to the shower edges to bring about a more concise design.

Modern Aesthetic: As earlier mentioned, frameless glass showers have become a trendy upgrade for those who enjoy top-notch design. Frameless glass doors do away with the hardware features of framed glass doors, giving them a spa-like look which adds luxury and makes the shower more comfortable.

Corrosion-Free: This distinctive feature of the frameless shower screen allows you to save more in the long run, as metal hardware is not used which helps eliminate the dangers of corrosion making it look sparkling for years to come.

Rapid Increase in Property Value: The bathroom is one of the biggest showcases for a real estate agent. Adding a frameless shower screen increases your property value when you feel the need to sell. This makes it wise to upgrade to a frameless shower screen as it will help boost the prospects of selling your property.

Creates Room for Space: The frameless glass showers help create an illusion of a larger bathroom space as it does away with the need for heavy frames or curtains which separate the room. The transparent glass makes the shower look open and airy, and makes the room look larger.

Reduces the Formation of Molds: Gathering of water under a framed door makes it a breeding ground for molds. This causes health hazards making the framed door a poor choice. Frameless glass shower doors reduce risk of mold as they cannot hold water, making them less expensive to maintain.

Easy to Clean: Frameless glass shower screens are easier to clean than regular framed glass doors. Without any hardware to collect dirt, the frameless glass shower enclosures can be better wiped with ease.

Timeless: Various home projects undertaken tend to become obsolete over time, but the frameless shower screens give a top-notch and timeless quality to any designs.


If you are looking to update your home decorations with state of the art touches, you should get a frameless shower screen. This accessory will remain popular for years to come and give your home a luxurious feel.

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