Electrical Problems

Whenever you move into a new home, you need to make sure that everything works and that any potential problems are well fixed. However, sometimes your new house comes with a few electrical problems or at the least things that can be fixed or improved on. But before you launch yourself into a fixer upper campaign, it might be nice to at least look at some of the electrical problems that you can fix in your new home and tackle them one at a time.

Problems With Lightbulbs

While you might be happy that your new house actually has some lightbulbs for you to work with, they could wind up having some problems. For one thing, they might burn out a little too easily, and that might actually be a problem with the wires of your house. Wires might be not connected properly, might not be up to code, or might be improperly connected.

Additionally, the light bulbs might be too bright or too dim as well, or they could annoyingly flicker a little bit as you turn your lights on and off. In order to figure out where the problem is, you need to turn off all the lights and unplug the appliances throughout the house until you figure out what circuit is causing the problem.

Dead Or Scarce Electrical Outlets

Another problem is with dead or scarce electrical outlets, where when you plug something into the outlet and it doesn’t charge. This can be extremely annoying if you have something that is about to die and are searching for the perfect outlet so you need to get them fixed! Wrong wire types and problems with your circuit breaker will often be the problem, so you need to get them checked out.

Just don’t try to force a dead electrical outlet to work, because they have either burned out or succumbed to its faulty wiring. If you force them to work, not only will your devices not charge, but you will likely damage your home because it will start a fire. So make sure to immediately get your dead outlets replaced by an electrician before you plug anything in. 

Electrical Shocks and Surges

Electrical shocks and surges can be problems for both your home’s health and also your own well being within the home. Electrical surges can sometimes cause damage if you don’t have surge protectors for your electronics, and if you experience frequent electrical surges in a new home, then you might need to hire an electrician to help you with some improperly installed wiring. 

Improperly installed wiring or an improperly grounded electrical system can cause shock injuries, and they are much more common after a large storm. While many electric shocks can be minor, if not a little annoying, others can cause problems for your health and can be dangerous, so you should get them addressed as soon as you can. 

You don’t want to live in fear every time you need to plug something in or every single time you need to mess with the electrical system. Make sure to get them fixed up as soon as you can, because while some surges are common due to storms, faulty power lines, and other environmental issues, common surges that happen all the time need to be addressed.

Finally, if your electricity surges or dips constantly, then you can have flashes and dips in your lights. If it looks like your lights keep blinking on and off, you need to have your appliances checked because they might be plugged into a faulty outlet and causing the problem.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

If you like to host parties in your yards or just want to have a little more light available to you at night, then you need to invest in landscape lighting for your brand new home. First, you need to figure out the purpose of your light. Do you want to outline your front yard in lights? Have some lights around your door to keep it secure? Or do you want to have lights that are focused on entertaining?

You will need to figure out how much lighting you need for your goals. Do you want some subtle ambient light that will shine up your backyard patio for the guests you will have over to support your new home, or do you want wide and bright lights for security?

Also, plan ahead to accommodate lighting fixtures. You will need to make sure to measure your space and ensure that you can add the lighting fixtures that you want, because there is nothing worse than a lighting fixture that is too big for the area! And sometimes a sconce or a floor light will be as good as a large light fixture. 

Another tip for getting the perfect outdoor lighting is to set up all your lighting and then walk inside the house and examine your yard from the inside. See what you can see, and that will show you if you have the right security and brightness with your lighting system. 

If you are having trouble getting your lights, or need some serious help maintaining them, then you need to find a good landscape lighting electrician. They can help you install your lighting system so you can spend less time worrying about wires and more time enjoying your new yard!

Keep On Checking Your New Home To Make Sure The Power Flows Smoothly

The last thing that you really want in a brand new home is power problems, because that can mess with all the other milestones that come with turning a house into a home. So if you notice power problems, especially inside of an older home, don’t hesitate to get them fixed by calling an electrician. 

After all, you don’t want to repaint your home in the dark, or experience the weather without a working AC or heater! Once your power problems are solved, then you can keep working on the rest of your house!

We hope you found this blog post on What Electrical Problems Should You Fix In A New Home? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Electrical Problems to Look Out for When Buying a New House for more great tips!

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