You know it’s time to make a move when you are bored of the same routine and same people. Extroverts are all about socializing and going out. Sometimes, you just need a change in your life and want to meet new people. Here are the answers for you if you’re wondering “What State Should I Move To If I’m An Extrovert?”

On average Americans get only barely five hours of leisure time every day, and most of that time does not go in socializing with other people. Most of that time is spent being a couch potato or browsing social media. For the modern extrovert this is a dilemma. They want a stimulating environment where preferably other human beings are equally involved.

In this post you will find the top states for extroverts to live in. These are shortlisted based on conversations you are most likely to have with people like total strangers to your colleagues. These places are populated with mostly community organizers, art critics, gallery owners, club goers, cyber journalists, and alternative press editors. Most people you will meet living in these places will definitely have a story to share.

New Orleans

New orleand city

The biggest reason why this state makes it as the most vibrant place is because of its unique culture. The lifestyle of New Orleans is shaped by Europe, Caribbean, and Africa. This fine blend gives way to openness, diversity, and leaves a space for people to mingle, and express.

The state is conventionally popular for hosting restless people who have had trouble fitting into mid-American states. The lower garden district of New Orleans has some wonderful 19th century streets and inventive architecture around the structures. It is now blooming with music venues, galleries, and modern theaters.

Every avenue in New Orleans is about mixing the home grown aesthetic with influences of the world. Right now places such as the French Quarter, the Bywater district, and the Faubourg Marigny are the places to be. Even here you cannot escape the culture of the city, especially if you venture near Vaughn’s and Café Brasil.


california city bridge

California’s San Francisco is one of the most romantic cities around the world. California is a more unique place to socialize. The weather which is always a cool Mediterranean climate doesn’t convince anyone to leave their houses often to take a walk in the park, but you will see the entire population hitting their nearest gyms and fitness facilities, which is not a bad spot for the average extrovert.

Other places to move in California include the Silicon Valley, especially if you are a tech enthusiast. This tech savvy place is where everyone wants to network… online. But they still flock to meet others. In fact, so much so that Silicon Valley is on number seven in the list of areas with the highest number of meet up groups.

More exciting things about the area include that it is the place where Facebook, vine, and all other social media apps came to be.  

Los Angeles is the city defined by cultural commodities. Here you will find a more refined segregation of the sort of people who mingle together. You will find the literary types, the businessmen and the performers.


washington city

Seattle in particular is a hub for people who love the outdoors and will always choose natural scenic beauty over being cooped up in a building. The place is also home to the third highest number of microbreweries.

It is very difficult to put one’s finger on what personality Washington leans on. It seems like it is both outdoorsy and monotonously urban, it is down to earth but also posh in some ways, it is very eclectic but that won’t stop you from running into the gritty side of it from time to time. You will find amazing modern works of architectural masterpieces and right next to it you will witness looming old mansions too.

Capitol Hill is considered the most upscale of all places. People dress up just to go to the store; nothing an extrovert cannot handle. Belltown is the place to be if you are into art. It has 211 bars alone. The local bands are pretty popular in theaters like the Speakeasy Club, which also features silent films and readings which attract flocks of people for every show.


florida city

Tampa is the center of urban life in Florida. It also shares the gulf coast of the state. If you decide to move here you will be visiting a lot of waterfront places, which means a lot of beach events and recreation spots. The coastal strip takes a heavy influence from Cuban culture.

Florida has a Latin infused nightlife, is historic, and also harbors the flourishing cigar industry. Its historic preservation and civic pride have made the state’s cities compete in the richness and diversity of its urban culture.

Orlando has the classic appeal, Disney World. It also has 27 vegan eateries and 29 thrift stores. If vintage is your go to style then you will easily fit into the lifestyle of Orlando Florida and make plenty of friends too.  

These are the top states you can move to if you’re an extrovert. They have a crazy night life with loads and loads of people getting to know each other in clubs, restaurants, malls etc. If you decide to make a long distance move, you can hire local movers to simplify your move.

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