Deciding to move to a new state is a life-changing experience. This applies whether you are chasing a new career, trying to find the best location for your kids to grow up in, or simply living the nomadic lifestyle. The world is so huge, but most of us see so little of it without moving around. 

That’s why it’s important to think about where you want to live your life and how changing states within America is a good starting point to live out your adventurous desires. Still, you may not remember many items on your moving checklist.

For instance, do you have to switch car insurance when you move states? Will your job allow you to work remotely, or do you have to find a new one once you relocate? Can your family visit you quickly, and vice versa, for holidays and special occasions?

We’ll focus on the things you should have pondered before your first move and how you can avoid making those same errors in successive moves later. 

The Effect Relocation Has on Your Car Insurance

Far too often, people think they can cancel their insurance policy on their car or truck when they move to a new state, driving around completely uninsured. You should never drive without car insurance because this could lead to hefty fines and other punishments; it is illegal to drive without insurance in all but two states.

You most likely will have to change insurance policies once you have settled into your new state and living space because driving risks and expenses are different in every state. If you are moving somewhere with a lot more accidents that are caused by people who drive trucks, you will have to pay more for insurance on your truck than in your previous state.

Make sure you keep your original insurance, as it will cover you in the case of liability and damages in those gray periods of relocation. Apply for a new policy once you have completed the move, and only cancel your old one after the new policy is approved and takes effect. 

tips for moving to a new state

Think About the Weather and Potential for Natural Disasters

Another overlooked aspect of the moving experience is that people often don’t think about the adverse effects of weather on their living space. They get excited about the idea of living on the sun-sprinkled beaches of Miami, Florida, but they forget that the southeastern part of the U.S. is prone to hurricanes. 

Living in the midwestern part of the country leads to the potential of experiencing a tornado that destroys your property. What about setting up shop near an active volcano or in a region that is elevated poorly for water drainage, leading to flooding and water damage?

You’re definitely going to need to evaluate your options for homeowners insurance when you relocate to a new state, especially if the climate is drastically different from your previous state. Moving long distances brings about culture shock and financial ramifications if you don’t evaluate the contrasting situations of living in, say, Hawaii compared to Oklahoma. 

Finding homeowners insurance for a reasonable price will mitigate the damages done to your home in the scenarios above. Unfortunately, so many people forget they need these protections if their new environment is different from previous living situations. 

How are your taxes affected when you move to a new state?

Some states like Washington and Wyoming substitute harsher sales taxes for state income taxes. Others inflict heavy penalties on businesses. Before making the move, you need to make yourself aware of the tax situation in your potential new state so you aren’t shocked and upended with the financial burden by the taxes imposed there. 

If you work remotely and are going to keep the same job after you move, make it clear to your bosses that the relocation has happened. They might need to send you new tax forms to fill out and update. Personal information and living arrangements are always key inclusions on any tax forms.

Think About What Schools Your Kids Will Go to

Children are usually caught in the crosshairs of a move and have a minimal say in where they get to live. It’s part of the growing pains of being a kid. Parents can and should do better to think about how they are going to make their children’s lives easier during and after the move, and this starts with the school that you’re going to relocate closest to.

What if your teenage son wants to continue playing football, but the school closest to your area code doesn’t have the funding to have a team this year? You may make his high school years less pleasant if he doesn’t get to enjoy the extracurricular activities that he participated in before the move.

Say your daughter has special needs and benefits from the private school she has been going to for the last several years, but the new school that is closest to your relocated home doesn’t have any programs for her development. It is imperative to find a school that will do her justice. 

Some parents may move to improve their kids’ lives, but the tips above are targeted especially toward the ones who are moving for non-child-related reasons. Don’t let your kids get lost in the shuffle when they move based on career or other aspirations. 

Don’t Overthink the Move

We aren’t trying to scare you into staying put. This advice should empower you even more to take the next steps in finding your next home. You now have the inside scoop on items and topics that will make your life so much easier, and you won’t have to correct your moving mistakes after completion. Have fun and see the world.

Planning for pitfalls isn’t meant to dissuade you from your original intentions. It’s just an attempt to figure out what your life is going to be like once you move forward.

We hope you found this blog post Tips on How to Move Out of State useful. Be sure to check out our post 8 Factors to Consider Before Moving to a New State for more great tips!

Tips on How to Move Out of State

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