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Just east of Lake Superior is the beautiful state of Minnesota, tucked right between the border of the US and Canada. The small but graciously diverse state of Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 spectacular lakes.

To begin a family in one of the houses for sale in Crow Wing County MN, Carver County, and Ramsey County is a goal of many people who plan to relocate to Minnesota. And if this gorgeous, lake-filled state has been on your radar, we are here to introduce you to the best parts of the state to live in.

Best Part #1: Crow Wing County

Located in the East Central part of Minnesota, Crow Wing County has a population of 64,775. The county was named after the Crow Wing River and is home to many beautiful lakes and rivers. In fact, there are 417 recognized lakes in this county. The most famous river in this place is the Mississippi River.

Most houses in Crow Wing County are designed in a conventional way with sprawling front yards and surrounded by vegetation. Most residents in this county of Minnesota own their homes. The median price of houses in Crow Wing County is $340,000, making it a perfectly affordable and comfortable place to live in.

Best Part #2: Hennepin County

Hennepin County is a great place to live in Minnesota. With a population of 1,255,296 and a median house price of $292,100, this county is filled with tons of different activities. Since Hennepin County is the hub of fun, entertainment, and business, it is the most populous county in Minnesota. People come here from all over the country to find a good, successful life. 

Living in Hennepin County has reportedly been breathtaking for many residents; the place is filled with lakes and beautiful parks, and witnesses all seasons. 

The people living in Hennepin County are fun-loving and friendly. In addition, there are a lot of great entertainment places in the county to have a good time with your family, notably the Mall of America, Orpheum, and 7th Avenue.

Best Part #3: Olmsted County

Another beautiful county in Minnesota is Olmsted County with a population of 156,446 and a median house price of $233,100. 

While Olmsted County is not that large, it is a nice place to live a contained, peaceful life. The crime rate in Olmsted County is low, transportation is great, and medical care is more than satisfactory. 

For the median price of $233,100, the houses in Olmsted County are in pretty good condition because most residents own the houses

Best Part #4: Ramsey County

Ramsey County in Minnesota has been a dream place to live for many people. The population of this county is 546,598, making it the second-most populous county in MN after Hennepin County.

The median house value in Ramsey County is $239,000. Some areas of this county, mainly the University of St. Thomas and Grand Avenue are full of restaurants, bars, museums, shopping centers, and entertainment spots. In other words, your weekend is all sorted in Ramsey County.

While it is not a very diverse county, there are some areas with different racial communities. When it comes to safety and commute, you don’t have to worry about the well-being of your family. The public transit system is reportedly amazing and the schools are above average. 

Best Part #5: Dakota County

Dakota County of Minnesota is home to 425,271 people living in real estate with a median house price of $280,300.

Reportedly, Dakota County is an amazing place to live for families with kids. There is a place to have fun and learn at almost every corner. The schools and library system always manage to get good reviews from the residents. 

In addition, no one has many complaints about safety and security. The houses are mostly owned by the residents. Dakota County does not get many listings, but you can find the perfect place for your family if you look hard enough.

Best Part #6: Carver County

Carver County is a beautiful place with a population of 103,561. The place is going through continuous development and urbanization. Something new is always being built. The median house price in Carver County is $333,400.

A great thing about Carver County is that despite rapid development, construction, and urbanization, most parts of this country still have that “small town” feel to them, which makes living calm and peaceful.

Although living is reportedly quite expensive in Carver County, it is worthwhile. There are countless opportunities for the future.

We hope you found this blog Which Parts in MN Are The Best To Live In? useful. Check out our post 10 Moving and Packing Hacks for a Stress-Free Move for more great tips!

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