Hot water has become a household essential, especially in countries during winter. Many of us feel that plumbing is an easy get-go job that anyone can try out, but in most scenarios, we end up doing more damage than fixing the emergency. Hot water installations for a large household are no easy feat either. You might think that it is a cheaper alternative than hiring a professional plumber. But do you know about the various risk and potential loss of property that may happen due to an incorrect installation?

plumber checking a water heater

You are better off leaving it to the professionals who have adequate training and experience in installing one. An essential factor that needs to be considered by the “Do it yourself” crowd is that most water heaters are gas-operated. Any small mistake can cause severe property loss or in some cases, lead to fatalities caused by gas leaks.

You will come across many more factors that need to be considered as well from a safety point of view. We should consider hiring professionals to carry out specialized plumbing work.  Here are the top five reasons why you should hire a professional plumber for hot water installations.

Gas Leaks and Explosions

A vast majority of water heaters use gas to heat water. Hot water installations come from the combustion of liquefied natural gas. Any small errors such as not making sure the valves are appropriately tightened can end up in leaks. It increases the probability of fire or in worst cases, an intense explosion that may cause fatalities. So why put your family at risk or get a big bill in damaged property?

Poisonous Gases

Similar to any combustion operated equipment, you will notice emissions from your water heater. Since most water heaters use liquefied natural gas, ventilation is an essential factor that should be considered.

A lack of proper ventilation may result in carbon monoxide concentrations to build up and deposit around your household. Large concentrations of carbon monoxide can be lethal and poisonous and may result in permanent damage to the brain or death. There is no way to detect the level of carbon monoxide in the air as it is an odorless gas. A professional plumber would suggest investing in a carbon monoxide detector during installation. This is a factor otherwise overlooked when doing things by yourself.

Permits to Re-sell Your House

Why go through all the hassle when you could get a professional to install it from the beginning? If you have installed any water heating equipment by yourself, you would need to obtain permits to sell your house. You would need to hire a licensed professional to inspect your home, prepare a safety report, and approve the permit.

plumber connecting a water heater

Professional Advice

One of the main benefits of hiring a professional plumber for hot water installations is the expert advice they have to offer. A trained expert is far more knowledgeable than your typical salesperson who is keen on reaching his targets and selling you the product.

A professional plumber or an expert in water heater installation in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, or others near you, Frankfort,  will give you real-time advice on the pros and cons of using the water heater. Moreover, a plumber will be able to figure out the inner workings of your household plumbing immediately and accurately install the water heater for use.


A certified plumber will do an overall satisfying job. You can rest assured that the hot water installation is safe and follows all safety procedures. An accredited plumber will also inspect the work after completion to double or triple check for any errors. You can safely assume the work has been properly carried out with minimal risks.

Make sure you do not neglect the importance of hiring a professional plumber for hot water installations. Keep the above factors in mind so that you can enjoy a steamy bath on the chilly days.

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