So, you’re about to get the keys to your new place, huh? That’s amazing, but before you jump in, there’s this crucial step called the final walkthrough. This is not just a quick look-see; it’s your last chance to check out everything in the house to make sure it’s all good before you officially take over. Think of it as your final inspection. You want to catch any possible issues now, rather than dealing with surprises later. According to a Zillow Group Report, nearly 36% of home buyers who skip the final walkthrough end up with an unexpected problem. So, it’s pretty essential to nail this part!

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Check the Major Systems               

First things off, make sure the big stuff is working correctly. This means testing the heating and air conditioning, making sure the water heater is functioning, and that all appliances are up to snuff. Flip light switches, test the water taps, flush toilets, and listen for any weird noises. Basically, if it’s built into the house, you want to know it works. Repairing major systems can be super expensive, and identifying problems now can save you a big headache and some serious cash later.

Windows, Doors, and More

Next up, check all the doors. Open and close each one to make sure they’re not stuck, and keep an eye out for cracks or problems with the locks. Security and safety are key, so everything needs to be in top shape.When it comes to windows, they should be totally spotless by now since many people bring in professional window cleaning services for such a big moment. Also, give the floors a good look—any loose boards or weird stains? Check walls and ceilings for any signs of water damage like mold or peeling paint, because that could hint at bigger issues hidden from view.

What’s Included

 Now’s the perfect time to double-check all those fixtures and fittings that were supposed to come with the house. This includes everything from appliances and light fixtures to curtains—if it was agreed that these things would stay, make sure they haven’t disappeared. Holding onto a list of items that both you and the seller agreed would be included is super helpful. Make sure you’ve got that list handy and go through each item carefully. Tick each one off as you confirm it’s still in the house. When you take this straightforward step it means that you’re getting everything you bargained for, avoiding any surprises when you finally move in.

 The Great Outdoors

When you’re doing your final walkthrough, don’t just hang around inside—make sure to take a good walk around the outside of the house too. You’ll want to check out the exterior and the yard thoroughly. Start by searching for any cracks in the foundation—these can be big trouble if they’re not caught early. Then take a look at the roof from the ground and see if there are any obvious signs of wear or damage.

Also, don’t forget to give the gutters and downspouts a good once-over. If these aren’t in great shape, you could end up with some sneaky water damage inside the house later on. Just a small blockage or a tiny crack can lead to bigger headaches down the road, like leaks or mold.

 And while you’re out there, take a peek at the landscaping too. If the gardens look overgrown or seem like they’ve been neglected, it might be a clue that other maintenance around the house has been put off. Keeping an eye on these details can give you a heads-up about what other upkeep might need your attention after you move in.

This exterior check isn’t just a quick task—it’s a crucial part of ensuring that your future home is safe and sound from the outside in. Plus, making sure everything looks good out there means you won’t have any unwelcome surprises that could mess with your vibe after you’ve settled in.

Once you’ve checked everything and are satisfied, or have noted issues that need to be addressed, you’re almost ready to take the keys. This walkthrough isn’t just about making sure you’re getting what you paid for; it’s about peace of mind. Moving is a huge step, and the final walkthrough is like the final seal of approval on your new adventure. Make sure everything checks out, so your only surprises in your new home are the good kind, like discovering your new favorite spot to relax.

We hope you found this blog post on Why You Need To Do A Final Walkthrough useful. Be sure to check out our post on Basic Home Maintenance How-Tos Everyone Should Know for more great tips!

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