Spray Foam Insulation wall

Sprayable polyurethane foam (SPF) is a sprayable plastic that can form permanent insulation and airtight barriers on roofs, walls, corners, and other surfaces. SPF insulation is acknowledged as a great source of heat transfer. Likewise, it offers a very practical solution to reduce unwanted air intrusion. Spray Foam insulation is recommended if you want to keep your home cool and your bills low. 

To make buildings more durable and comfortable SPF is helpful in several ways. This type of insulation is made up of 2 types of composite materials, isocyanate and polyurethane. When installing the insulation, both are sprayed with a foam gun at the same time. They react chemically when combined. As a result, they initially expand and form a hard protective layer on the wall or surface to be insulated.

Spray foam insulation is of two types, open cell and closed cell. The first is denser and when you touch it feels like a sponge. It is the best insulation for sound barriers and is usually cheaper than closed-cell insulation.

Here Are Top Reasons To Choose Spray Foam Insulation

Dynamic Isolation

One of the most significant advantages of spray foam is that it expands to the touch to dynamically close all spaces, no matter how difficult they may be. This means that it provides complete closure without the gaps that traditional insulation can leave.

Significant Energy Savings

Everybody loves to save money on their energy bills every month. Using foam insulation with spray helps reduce energy consumption and save money.

Space-Saving Solution

You will be amazed at how much space you can save by using this insulation. By adding to the roofline, you can get up to 10 inches more loft (low level). One of the advantages of using spray foam is that it is firmer any other commonly used insulation. The advantage of this high density is that it does not take up much space to guarantee premium quality insulation.

Although other thicker materials will need to be installed, a spray foam  gun can provide superior insulating properties with lower thickness.

Stops Air Leaks

If you have areas where cold air enters and warm air comes out, this isn’t good for your overall insulation. Spray foam is a great way to reduce air leakage and help keep your home warmer.

Better Air Quality

With this insulation, many people with conditions such as asthma often feel better. Since spray foam gives the property a complete seal, it protects against air pollutants.

Rigid Heat Barrier

When controlled with a heater, fiberglass insulation has small gaps between the rods. Spray foam is considered more consistent because it does not have these spaces through which heat can escape.

Therefore, foam is considered a much better option if you want to save more energy and create a more comfortable living space.

Better Sealing

Spray Foam insulation prevents pests from getting in. Insects and rodents can usually find their way through insulation, but if you install SPF, you can be sure that unwanted creatures will not penetrate it.

These are some of the top reasons to choose spray foam insulation for your home.

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