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Start Your Own Moving Business From Anywhere With Our Help

Do you have previous experience in the moving, shipping, or storage industry? Do you want to start your own moving business, to supplement your current income or even as a new career? With All Around Moving Services Company’s Work With Us program, it’s never been easier!

We’re Looking For Experienced Relocation & Moving Consultants

Therefore, we’d love to work with you if you have experience in the moving industry. Our program is really simple – and very generous.

How It Works:

  • You choose your own service area – any city and state in the US
  • You register with the Work With Us program (it’s a simple online form)
  • We provide business software, phone lines, and everything else your business needs – it’s all included
  • You set your own working hours and your weekly or monthly budget
  • You use your own moving carriers, or we can assign ones if you prefer
  • Then, you choose your markup price on each moving, shipping, or storage contract
  • You keep 50% of the proceeds of each contract you book
  • You decide how much you want to earn

What We Provide:

  • Dedicated Business Telephone number
  • Telephone device
  • E-Fax number
  • Email address and email hosting service
  • Permit to operate in your state
  • Moving leads Software with PRE-written proposals
  • Invoicing system software
  • Credit card processing terminal
  • Licensed and under contract, Moving-Carriers
  • 1099 MISC Form
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Business Leads to get you started
  • Full Time, Ongoing Support from an established, nationally branded, and top-rated moving company with decades of experience

What You Need:

To succeed in your business, you just need some prior experience in the moving or shipping industry. Additionally, you don’t have to be an expert – we’ll provide an on-going training. You’ll also need time to devote to your business and the drive to succeed.

Your level of success is limited only by your time and effort.

Minimal Startup Costs

For example, a nominal, one-time startup cost gets you initial business leads in your area, along with all of the business infrastructure and ongoing support you need. Likewise, we don’t charge any recurring costs to participate in this program.

Surveys show business owners spend an average of $40,000 to start a new business. That’s just to get started, before they’ve earned a penny. After that, there are ongoing costs – inventory, equipment, payroll, and overhead.

Even starting a franchise business requires tens of thousands of dollars investment. Then, there are an extensive set of rules to follow regarding how to run your business.

With the “Work With Us” program, you’ll spend just a small fraction of that to get started. However, there are no overhead – and no rules to follow. You choose your service area, how much to charge, and how many hours to work.

Starting a New Business Has Never Been Easier

Starting a new business is normally a ton of work. We’ve done most of it for you.

  • We provide the business structure
  • Also, we are a federally licensed business in all 50 states
  • We furnish the moving carriers or you can use your own connections
  • We are nationally branded
  • You can build your own sales team

Click Here to learn more about the Work With Us program and register today. All Around Moving Services Company, Inc., is your business partner.

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