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An auction can never be adequately described in writing. It can only be fully appreciated when one experiences it. We all know that auctions are about buying and selling stuff with rich aesthetics and a luxury and vintage feel. But to perceive it with all our senses, we need to attend one.

Companies that hold auctions in Atlanta make sure that everyone who takes part goes back home with a sense of having been a part of a worthy show. Auctions are a perfect solution, whether you want to raise funds or get rid of your extra belongings.

Types of Auctions in Atlanta

Like everywhere else, auctions in Atlanta are a systematic way to sell personal belongings to people who desire to collect classic and original products. It fulfills two people’s needs: the seller’s wish to downsize, need for money or for some extra space, and the buyer’s desire to redecorate his/her house according to a theme.

There are three types of auctions to attend if you want to buy or sell home items. Following is a detailed explanation for you to understand each type better.

1. Live Auctions

One of the most popular auctions in Atlanta are live auctions. As the name suggests, it is held in the presence of auctioneers, sellers, and bidders. This on-site auction is usually conducted in a community hall, meeting room, hotel lobby, or auditorium, where household items can be displayed.

Likely, bidders have previously examined the auctioned items. But clarity is essential. So, the belongings are displayed for everyone to see and inspect. The auctioneer stands behind the podium to call out the bids and raise them eventually. There may or may not be a significant gap because of the competitive bidding environment. But definitely, the items sell for a reasonable price, and the bidder gets high quality products.

2. Online Auctions

With the introduction of the internet in the 1980s, many activities that were only conducted on-site have shifted online. Auctions are no different. When the sellers and bidders register themselves on a company’s online platforms to take part in auctions, it is an online auction. Over the internet, the products are displayed with the use of images and descriptions. Online auctions in Atlanta provide people with much greater flexibility and ease of service. Thus, most people prefer auctioning online. They do not have to visit the place physically and deal with crowds. Since the pandemic, this has become a common concern. But people can participate in online auctions with equal energy and enthusiasm.

3. Silent Auctions

In silent auctions, there is no auctioneer. The attendees and bidders can place a silent bid on a piece of paper instead of through open bidding. The bid sheets are then placed near the auctioned item for the next person to review. In this type of auction, the bidders and potential buyers spend the first half analyzing and inspecting the products put up for sale. Once the bidding time frame is up, the auction manager announces the winning bid. The buyers are even allowed to change the offer if they want to. In most silent auctions in Atlanta, there is a minimum bid and an “increase” requirement. It means that there is a minimum amount a bidder must increase the bid from the previous one.

Which is Better?

In 2021, many auction companies in Atlanta were more than happy to move to online platforms due to the pandemic. And those who were already successfully holding online auctions had an advantage. Online auctions are best suited for the present circumstances.

But that doesn’t mean other types have vanished. They are still held. For example, silent auctions and live auctions are perfect for fundraising events, auctions of home contents, downsizing, etc. It is because of the convenience and functionality that people are now moving towards online auctions.

Each type of auction has pros and cons. It depends on the case and circumstance; we can not say what is better and what is not. What matters is that you pick the best type for your situation. In the best case, you can partner with or hire a company that has all the necessary facilities. And then you can partner with them again in the future.

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