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Here’s why you should hire cleaning professionals after moving.

Are you preparing to move out of an apartment or rental property?

One of the last things you will need to do before making your move official is to clean your rental property completely. Most landlords ask tenants to clean the house after move-out and they also do a final walkthrough to make sure cleaning is done.

However, you don’t necessarily need to clean up your own rental property. Alternatively, you can hire a professional Move in Move out cleaning company for the job.

Below are ten reasons why you need to hire a professional moving-out cleaning service before you move out:

1. Helps you clean better- Unless you are an expert employee of a cleaning service, there is a good chance that cleaning is not your specialty. You might try your best to clean, but it usually doesn’t produce the best possible results.

Professional cleaners will clean up your rental property better than you can. You will feel more confident knowing that your security deposit will come back to you.

2. Prevents you from forgetting to clean something- If you try to clean your leased property yourself after moving out, you will definitely forget to clean something. You’ll be kicking yourself because you forgot to open the oven or freezer to clean it. Expert cleaning service providers will not miss anywhere. They’ll clean every surface and make your entire rental property shine.

3. Allow you to avoid doing any damage- In your hurry to clean up your property before you move, you could end up damaging something and paying  for it. For example, let’s say you struggle to clear stuck food from the stovetop. You scrub, scrub and cleanse more but … nothing!

After you can keep scrubbing, and you will realize that you are scratching the stove and doing damage to it. The landlord will not be happy, and they will most likely charge you.

You can avoid these types of scenarios if you hire cleaning professionals after moving.

4. Saves you a ton of time- Even if you live in a small apartment that has almost nothing in it, it will take a lot of time to clean it. Between sweeping carpets and cleaning various surfaces in the bathroom, you’ll need to devote hours to get the job done right.

A cleaning company will save you a lot of time and let you spend it wisely in another area of ​​your life.

5. Cuts down your stress level- A recent study revealed that nearly 60 percent of respondents believe moving is more stressful than planning a wedding. If you want to keep your stress from rising, a cleaning service can help.

6. Frees you up to focus on other aspects of your move- As you move, there will be a lot of other things that you will need to worry about. They include:

    • Pack all your belongings
    • Find a moving company to help you
    • Transfer your belongings to your new home or apartment
    • And much more!

The last thing you’ll feel like doing is cleaning. The cleaning company will make sure you can focus on everything else you do throughout your move.

7. Keeps your landlord happy- Your landlord will look more positively at the cleaning job you did on your rental property when they know that professionals are behind it. They will appreciate the time you spent bringing in a cleaning company and will be less likely to criticize the cleaning work that has been done.

8. Ensures you get your security deposit back- At the end of the day, your goal when it comes to cleaning up your old property is to finally get your landlord to return the full security deposit.

If your rental is not as clean as your landlord wants, they can charge a fee to have a cleaning crew clean it. This will lower your security deposit and prevent you from getting it all back.

9. Costs you very little- Obviously, there will be a cost to hire a cleaning service. But the cost is not close to what you might think. The cost of a cleaning service depends on everything from the size of the rental property to the amount of cleaning you actually need. But most of the time, deep cleaning of your home or one-bedroom apartment will cost you less. The cost is worth it when you see the amazing job your cleaning company is doing in the rental property.

10. Makes you feel better about moving on- Moving from a rental property can be a very emotional experience. You might move to a bigger and better place but still be a little scared looking back on all the good times you had at the rental home.

When you work with a cleaning service, you will feel better about leaving it behind. They will leave it in good shape for the next tenant and you know that they will be able to make lots of great memories too.

What to Look For When You Hire A House Cleaning Company

If you finally decide to hire cleaning professionals after moving, be sure to look for a reputable cleaning service. Do a thorough internet search or ask someone you know for a referral. References are perfect because you know the company is trustworthy. It is best to ask what items are included in their service or package. Ask if they perform a spring cleaning procedure, deep cleaning, or both. On top of that, request a free estimate of the job and the number of cleaners who are expected to work on your job.

When you hire a professional and credible cleaning service you will have a smoother process of moving-out from your rental home. Likewise, it ensures that your security deposit is returned by the owner.

Book a Move Out Cleaning Service Today

Are you convinced that hiring a cleaning service is the right move for you?

Before doing this, be sure to track down a company with a proven track record when it comes to cleaning rental properties. They have to offer a long list of services that can make your rental property as clean as possible after move-out.

Author Bio: Sophia James is a professional cleaner having more than 5 years in the cleaning industry currently working with Bull18 Cleaners – Best bond back cleaning, end of lease cleaning and Move in Move out cleaning Bundoora, Melbourne. She loves writing and sharing a variety of blogs on cleaning.

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