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Moving out of your old apartment can be stressful but also exciting. This will be the big change you may just need! A fresh start comes with its own plethora of opportunities that you can take advantage of. But before you get lost in the anticipation of a whole new beginning, there are certain things that you need to take of beforehand. One of those things is cleaning out your old apartment or house. Here is a detailed Move Out Cleaning Checklist you should know.

If you live in an apartment, this may be an obligation by the landlord, depending on your terms. This is because landlords usually want to rent your unit immediately after you leave. Sometimes, landlords may have to hire a service just to clean your mess and may use a chunk out of your deposit to do so. Also, you do not want to lose your credibility in case you need their reference for future units.

If you are living in a house, you want to clean the clutter for your prospective new buyers so that you get a good deal on your soon to be old place.

An Already Established List

Most people get a list in their contract. This is so that there are no future disputes over what you cleaned and what should have been cleaned in order to get your security deposit back. Every lease will have a slightly different list. When an item on the list says professionally clean carpets, it means you cannot get away with vacuuming.

This is another tip on what to look for when you are signing a lease on your new unit. In case you misplace this checklist, you can always ask your landlord for a copy. But make sure you ask for the copy of lease and not an updated list that you never signed on.

Your cleaning checklist is not going to be the world’s most glamorous thing to do. It always helps if you know exactly how to do it right. If you feel you do not have time to go deep cleaning just before you are about to move, that’s understandable as mentioned by experts at BreatheMaids. After all, you will be knee deep in moving boxes and other things that go into the whole moving experience from picking out the right movers to getting rid of things you will not need in your soon to be new home.

For this, use our checklist and just hire a service that can get the job done for you. 


– Clean Kitchen Countertops, Sinks, Cabinets and Appliances

Think about it, no one likes to look at food residue. This means you are going to have to start by cleaning the coffee maker, the stove top, oven, shake out the toaster, and clean the microwave. Then move on to the cabinets, countertops and finally end with the sink. You may want to hold off this cleaning for the last few days of your stay in the unit.

– Clean the Bathroom

Keep this task for the last day. Clean out your shower, the sink and the toilets. Do not forget about scrubbing the fixtures along with the tiles.

– Clean the Floor

You want the carpet to be steam cleaned. If it’s a fairly new carpet or if you have not stayed that long in the unit, you can go with a thorough vacuum. If its wood or tile; give it a good mop.

You want the carpet to be steam cleaned. If it’s a fairly new carpet or if you have not stayed that long in the unit, you can go with a thorough vacuum. If its wood or tile; give it a good mop.

– Empty and Defrost the Freezer

Take out things that you won’t be using anytime soon and give them away depending on how soon you are moving out. Then keep the essentials that you will use up right to the quantity and wipe down the shelves and the walls of the refrigerator.

In case you are feeling generous it is always a nice gesture to leave a bottle of white wine in the fridge, especially if you are leaving a forwarding address for things that you may need to be sent to your new home.

– Clean the Walls

You should check the wall for smudges, stains, or scuffs. When you spot problems clean them up.

– Clean the Windows

You must clean the inside and the outside of windows. This can be done days before the big moving day.

– Dust the Fixtures

Blinds, light fixtures, and the rest of flat services in your house should be dusted off.

While taking care of the list of things that need cleaning, a top tip is to take care of some other things that need your attention and can dig a hole in your deposit even if you cleaned everything right. You want to fill small holes in the walls, repair or replace blinds and light fixtures that have broken during your stay.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post on Detailed Move Out Cleaning Checklist You Should Know useful. Be sure to check out our post on How To Do A Thorough Cleaning In The House for more great tips!

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