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Moving out from your home and living on your own can be a scary thought. If you have moved out and are currently living in a room on rent, you should find a roommate who fits into your lifestyle and has the same outlook towards dealing with things.

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Being far away from home can come with its own set of challenges, and one of the most common ones is feeling homesick. Living all by yourself for the first time can leave you feeling very alone, but having a roommate can help you more quickly adapt to this new way of living. Having someone to come home to can drastically change your dynamic with a rented place and make it feel a lot more homey.

10 Reasons Why Finding A Roommate Can Help When Homesick

  • Help you feel less alone

When you move to a new city and rent your room, you might feel like you’re all alone, far away from everyone you’ve known. Having a roommate is like having a friend without even trying too hard! They live with you, cook and clean with you, become your friend or sometimes even mother you! They are always with you and never let you feel alone. You can use any roommate finder platform to look for the ideal roommate that you need.

  • Someone to talk about your feelings with

More often than not, you just want someone to share your feelings with. You want to rant about your day and just let off some steam. It’s a perfect combination when you find a roommate who listens to all your miseries without holding any opinion about you, and you do the same for them. Even if it’s about missing your childhood home or your family, who could understand you more than your roommate, someone who may even relate with you!

  • Respect your space

Sometimes when you are feeling homesick, all you need is your own space and time. You just want to be yourself and reminisce till the feelings go away.

A good roommate will always respect your space while keeping an eye out for you. They let you ride out your emotional phases and come back strong. Even if you need to talk about it, they’ll always extend a listening ear!

  • Do fun things with you

Since you share a space with your roommate, you can do all kinds of fun to perk each other up. From house parties to following disastrous youtube DIY tutorials, you can turn your rented room into a funhouse. You can be creative with the decor and go wild. Something you could never do at home!

  • Do small things that make you feel at home

Roommates can be super sweet sometimes. They make you that cuppa coffee that they’re really good at making, and to go with that, some eggs on toast for breakfast when you’re late for work.

They ensure they get you an extra serving of ice cream after a terrible first date and talk to you until you feel better. It is the small things they do which makes you forget all about being homesick.

  • Got your back

When you’re in a pickle, you look to your family or friends to bail you out. In your new room, it’s your roommate who will take on this responsibility. They got your back no matter what the situation is. Is the landlord coming over to do a surprise room check? Don’t worry; they will keep the room clean and hide your secret stash so that the landlord doesn’t find it. Have you been too busy to do laundry lately? They will lend you their favorite jumper (after shedding a few tears) because you can always count on them!

  • Distract you

When you feel homesick, a simple distraction can help you make you feel better. A simple girls/boys night out or a binge-watching session with Netflix can help raise your spirits and put you in a festive mood. They might offer to bake you some brownies, they might take you shopping or to a restaurant, and if you don’t want to go out, they will have food ordered and your movie/show loaded on the T.V. or laptop to help cheer you up.

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They might even try a new class with you, like yoga or dance or cooking/baking.

  • Give you the sibling treatment

When you move out of your home, you might miss your siblings more than anything or anyone else. Your roommate will happily take on this responsibility and annoy you and steal your clothes and your food to irritate you and then make the cutest puppy dog face ever and stop you from staying mad at them.

They will remind you why having siblings can ‘devil spawns’ and ‘heaven sends’ simultaneously.

  • Make you feel at home

Somehow, a roommate always manages to make a new house feel like home. They might help you do things you would do back home or have a hot meal ready for you after an extra tiring day of work. These small things add up and help increase how ‘at home’ you feel in your new house.

  • Celebrate festivals with you

If we’re honest, being alone on holidays hits the hardest because you usually spend that time of the year with your family. You and your roommate can build your traditions this time around, even if you’re missing out on your mother’s famous apple cinnamon pie. Even the simple act of dressing up and taking a couple of pictures can be very comforting even if you’re eating store-bought pie!

Getting roommates can solve a lot of problems that might come up if you were to live alone. They allow you to build a home away from home, and that’s the best thing that can happen to you while you’re adjusting to your new life. Finding a roommate could be difficult, but once you find your person through word of mouth or searching online on roommate finder platforms, you might get the person who might stick with you for life!

We hope you found this blog post on 10 Reasons Why Finding a Roommate Can Help When You’re Homesick useful. Be sure to check out our post on Seven Things That Change When You Move to Another Country for more great tips!


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