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If there arises an occasion for you to travel to another location and you need to take your car along with you, then the very first thing you need is the service of a trusted car shipping company. Once you are set with your preferred shipping partner, the next thing is how to prepare your car for shipment. In this post we provide a detailed understanding of the precautions and tips one needs to take care while shipping a car. For further guidance you can visit Driver Moola.

Before we proceed any further, why we are discussing this? If you follow these tips, it can help you save plenty of money, which you would otherwise have to spend on repairing the car later. Also, without knowing these, you might face trouble with the customs procedure and might end up taking longer to clear those procedures.

Let us take a look at the top precautions advised to prepare your car for transport.

#1: Give the Car a Good Wash

A decent wash can help to reveal any scratches and dents that would have been otherwise concealed with dirt. So do not hesitate to give a thorough clean up of your car before handing it off for pick up. Many do not realize the value of this washing process, but it is an important step as it helps you in identifying any physical problem on the car’s exterior.

#2: Inspect the Car – Search For Any Scratches Or Dents

After washing the car, be it at the car wash or at home, conduct a detailed analysis of the car’s exterior, examining every nook and corner. Be it the headlight or the tail light, the racy spoilers, side mirrors or even the extreme corners of the bumper, make sure you note down even the slightest dent or discoloration. This can help you find any new ones that might occur during the handling or transit of the car.

#3: Take Photographs And Video

While inspecting the car, don’t just note down the issues you find, but keep proof of your findings. No claim stands without proper backing. So make sure you take pictures and videos of any scratches or dents. Once you find any new dents or damage after the delivery, you can use this evidence to file insurance claims. Also, the person who comes to collect the car will also make inspections, which they will note down. You will want to make sure to be present with them so that no disagreements can arise later.

#4: Remove Personal Items From Your Car

This is another important thing to take care before handing over the car to the transport company. All personal stuff should be removed from the car before shipping. This is for multiple reasons. First and foremost, items in the car can move around while the car is being transported, say while transferring to a vessel or in case of weather disturbances while in transit. This movement may result in damage to the inside and the glass planes. Another thing is the potential loss of valuable personal items. You cannot be sure what kind of people will be associating with your car, so there are chances of theft. So, to be on the safe side, it is better to remove all personal items from the car you intend to ship.

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#5: Deactivate the Alarm

A concern for many in the transport business is the annoying sound of an alarm that goes on indefinitely. It is common for the people to handle the car for transit, and the moment they start the job, the alarm starts. This leads to more work for those handling your car. So, make sure you turn off the alarm before you turn over your car for transportation.

#6: Photograph the odometer

The odometer, as you may know, shows the distance your car has travelled. Some have a vague concern if those handling the car might go for a ride in their branded luxury car. This is not allowed by any of the moving companies, but for your peace of mind you can keep a picture of the odometer reading and save it to crosscheck at the time of delivery.

#7: Check the Battery and Tires

Before you hand over the car, keep an eye on the tires and battery. Make sure the tires are properly inflated to the correct pressure level. Either under-inflated or overinflated tires  which may lead to other serious troubles during the moving process. Also, the battery might get drained out without using for a long period, so get it fully charged and secured before the transit.

#8: Check the Radiator and For Fluid Leaks

Make sure there is antifreeze in the radiator as it lowers the freezing point of water and increases its boiling point, thereby protecting the engine from extreme freezing or excessive heating. Another important concern is the chance of fluid leaks. Make sure you find any fluid leaks during your inspection and convey the details to the person collecting your car. There are instances when movers are reluctant to accept such a car as it may cause huge problems while in transit. Even in case of small leaks, let the movers know so that they can take the required precautions.

#9: Leave the Keys In the Ignition

These are needed to make required changes in the slot or position of your car in case of an emergency. Do not worry about any misuse of your car as the moving companies have strict policies against any unauthorized use of shipping cars. So, it is quite safe to leave the keys in the ignition, as they will be used only for your car’s own protection.

#10: Keep the Car Insured

This step is of the most importance so that you’ll have nothing to worry about while your car is in transit. You are entrusting a car shipping company and there are many people who will handle your car. Though the chance of damage is low, it is better to be on the safe side.

If you are planning to transport your car to some other place, be it local or overseas, never forget to follow All Around Moving Services Company, Inc. tips as they can help to ensure a safe and secured car transport. We hope you have a peaceful transport of your valuable car without any problems.

We hope you found this blog post 10 Tips to Prepare Your Car For Shipment useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Vehicle Relocation Tips To Make Your Life Easier for more great tips!


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