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It’s no mystery that moving a house can be complex and put everyone involved to the test. And when children are involved in the move, you can expect these moving problems to get worse and become more frequent. When a family moves, it can throw off the normal flow of things; for young children, it can even be scary.

During that time of change, it’s clear that children will need extra care and extra attention. So, here are the top 10 tips for moving across the country with children to help you deal with the stress of moving, keep your sanity, and keep your kids safe and happy during the move.

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1. Talk to Them

One thing you should do right away when moving house with kids is to talk to them about the move and all the changes that will come with it. It’s essential to do this as soon as possible or as soon as you know you’re going to move. You would be better off if you did wait until the last minute to tell your kids about the move.

2. Keep Them Busy!

The best thing to do on moving day would be to have a babysitter, a friend, or a family member watch your kids. There are a few things we can do to keep them busy. Create a moving day activity kit, a deck of cards, books, and bubbles, and download something fun.

3. Make it an Adventure

Look up things to do, places to go, and restaurants to try in your new area. Once you realize where you’re going, find out everything you can about your new place and talk to the kids about it. Drive them around or show them pictures of places in the area.

4. Take Several Breaks

Moving is a very tiring thing to do. Don’t rush to finish everything right away. Your kids and family need you to be your best during this challenging time. Stop and get a good night’s sleep, and take breaks during the day to spend time with your family.

Kids need to know what to assume daily, and everything changes when they move. Try to keep your schedule as normal as possible, though it means eating a meal on top of containers and falling asleep on a mattress on the floor.

5. Explain What is Happening

Find out what you can do, where you can go, and what restaurants you can try in your new area. Tell your kids that you are moving, and give them complete answers to their questions. Keep in mind that keeping vital information from them will likely come back to hurt you after the move.

6. Leave The Bedding Until Last

Some kids don’t want to be away from their dolls for a day, so help them pack a “Moving Day” bag ahead of time with everything they want to keep close. You can even put food or a toy car in their bag as a special surprise for when they get there. Tell them you’re doing this because unpacking boxes can take a week or more.

7. Be Prepared for Tears

Be patient as they work through their feelings, but keep setting reasonable, healthy limits. It’s okay to be upset about being the new kid at school again. Not okay to push your sister because of it.

Keep a keen watch on how your child is adjusting, and talk to a school counselor or therapist if you are worried about how your child is handling this stressful change.

8. Label Your Things

There will come the point even if you have to dig through boxes to find the toy they will have to play with right now. Do yourself a favor, and don’t just label cartons with the word “toys.” Include as much detail as possible about what is in the box because you won’t even remember.

9. Do not Overstress

When you move with children, it could be even more hectic than when you move on your own. For example, organization problems, such as who will watch the kids on moving day, maybe. Also, moving to a new home could be hard on a child’s feelings and mind. To help you reduce stress for your kids and yourself.

10. Take Time to Reflect

Moving with kids can be challenging, especially if you have many of them. Don’t know how to help them deal with the stress of a move. If your children are younger, you can’t just tell them you’re taking them away from their friends, school, and everything else they’ve known for years and expect them to be happy about it.


Moving to a new, strange place will be hard for everyone in the family, but some kids may have a more challenging time adjusting, which may take them longer. As caring parents, there are several things you can do to help your kids deal with the stress of moving.

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Moving Home With Kids In Tow: 7 Tips To Make It Easier

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