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Moving can be a nightmare for anyone, even at the best of times. The associated paperwork, upheaval, and sheer number of things which have to be considered in order to make a move happen are pretty monumental. Even seasoned movers are likely to agree that it’s a stressful thing to do, and doing it with children is a whole different challenge. We’ve put together 7 tips to try and make moving with children easier!

1) Expectations Are Important

Like anyone, kids are afraid of the unknown – and moving home is a whole lot of “unknowns” all at once. They may not be able to express to you what it is that scares them, so try to tell them everything you can about moving. Talk them through the changes that will happen, and remember to focus on things that will stay the same. Show them the new place and area if you can, and let them get a feel for it. All of this will make it seem less of an unknown which they have no control over. Communication is important when moving with children.

2) Get Them Excited

Changing a negative attitude toward a move can work wonders. It may not be easy, especially if your child is older, but look for things they can get excited about. Point out fun things to do in the area, or discuss them having their own room, a bigger garden, a better school, etc. Don’t dwell on what they’re losing, but encourage them to think of things which they will enjoy, and help them out where you can.

3) Don’t Keep Secrets

Kids are often surprisingly intuitive, so don’t avoid telling them about a move until the last minute. Even if you have the best intentions, it will rarely go over well – especially for older children. Even with young ones, it’s important to show you respect them and their feelings by being honest about what’s going on. Talk to your kids throughout the process, telling them about what you’re doing and why.

4) Get Planning!

Moving with children takes special planning. Get them started on some positive plans! There’s nothing like a bit of control to help kids feel more on-board with a difficult process. You might get them to help pick out colors for a new space, buy them a new bed set, or choose a rug. You don’t have to break the bank at a time which may already be financially challenging, but even if you just pick up some tidbits from thrift stores, you can help your kids feel that “new” is exciting. If you can talk about decorating or setting up a new garden, you’ll soon find they’re inspired.

5) Let Them Feel Sad

Moving is tough on everyone. No matter how much there is to gain, there’s often loss as well, and kids are likely to feel this especially strongly. Saying goodbye to schools, routines, and friends that they may have grown up with is a major challenge, and to kids, it might feel like the end of the world. Don’t try to force them to feel happy all the time; give them some space and let them know it’s okay to feel a bit down. Just don’t make it the focus, and things will keep moving smoothly.

6) Talk About Your Experiences

This is a great way to help if your kid is nervous or struggling to understand. Give them a quick run-down on your most positive moving experiences, especially if you moved at a similar age. Kids look to their parents for guidance and reassurance, so knowing that you got through something similar and had a great time can be a good way to make them feel more comfortable.

7) Involve them

How this works will depend on how old your kid is, but it’s a great strategy. Even littler kids can help out with moving in small ways. Encourage them to go through their things and consider what they want to keep. This engages them with the process and makes them feel in control.

Moving with children of any age is definitely an additional stress, especially if they aren’t totally on board. Hopefully, these tips will help make the whole process easier – both for you and for them! Pack away the stress and misery, and show them the best in the moving process, because it will make it easier for both you and them!

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