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The pandemic put the brakes on house moving for many people. The sudden surge in house prices due to a smaller housing inventory, job losses, and restrictions on travel, resulted in fewer people moving home. 

For the five years leading up to May 2020, more than 40 million Americans moved every year. That equates to roughly 13% of the population upping sticks each year. However, in 2021, this figure dropped to less than 28 million according to the United States Census Bureau. 

Now, though, people are free to move once more without any pandemic restrictions, and housing prices are starting to show signs that they may drop in 2023. But, if you are one of the millions of people considering a house move, there are some critical considerations to be had first. 

What should you consider when moving home?

You will have to determine how you wish to sell your house early on. Your most likely choice is going to be to use a realtor to market your property. Yet, if it’s a quick sale you are after then you would be better off looking for a cash buyer. 

By selling to a cash house buyer, say I BUY IL, for instance, you will be able to avoid many of the steps other sellers need to go through, including some red tape. 

Then again, perhaps you rent your home and no sale is needed. In this case, one of your considerations should be to use a professional cleaning service to ensure you receive your full security deposit on departure. 

Assuming that you do indeed own your home, and you are intending to buy another, here are 3 things to consider before you move. 

1 Consider what essential repairs you need to do

Many things can end with you seeing a lower resale value, and a lack of maintenance is one of them. Before you put your home on the market you should look at what needs repairing around the property. 

Simple things such as cracked windows, unkempt lawns, and weeds in pathways, can detract from the curb appeal of a home. But, it will be even worse if essential repairs end up being discovered by a buyer’s inspection. 

2 Consider your moving plan and budget accordingly

Moving home can be costly, and there are many fees to bear in mind. The average house move costs around $1,400 but if you travel interstate this will go up. 

Fortunately, there are ways to move out of state on a budget, and planning ahead could help you here. If nothing else, budgeting and making a moving plan should avoid any nasty financial surprises. 

Things to consider in your checklist, along with related costs are as follows: 

  • Attorney fees
  • Moving company costs
  • Packing (materials and/or labor)
  • Professional cleaning
  • Seller and Buyer inspections
  • Realtor fees
  • Moving insurance
  • Repair and renovations
  • Final utility bills
  • House staging
  • Professional photography
  • Take outs

The final item on the list shows how you need to budget for the circumstances surrounding moving homes. When you are packing and unpacking, it is usually more practical to eat take-out than try to cook. There will also be additional fuel costs as you carry out moving-related tasks. Small things such as these can add unexpected expenses to your move. 

3 Consider your new location choices carefully

You should be willing to spend time researching different locations, or the one you have your heart set on. 

This should involve looking at local schools and their performances. You can do this by checking what is known as The Nation’s Report Card or the National Center for Education Statistics. 

Visit the area at different times of the day to check for possible noise pollution issues, and it is worth learning about new developments and construction projects. This can be done by searching for current planning applications at the local municipal office. 

Other considerations about your new location are transport, access to the interstate, and local amenities such as shops and restaurants.

Once it is time to actually vacate your old home you will need to pack for a move and book the moving company on the checklist you made earlier. It is useful at this point or before to declutter and throw out or sell any unwanted belongings. Reducing how much you take will result in lower moving fees.


There are far more things to consider when making a house move such as choosing an attorney, or selecting which real estate broker to use. However, these three considerations are critical for selling a home, and moving to another, unless you decide to go down the cash-for-homes route.

 If it is a quick sale you wish for and hitting market value isn’t your aim, then selling to a cash buyer will eliminate much of the stress of moving home. You likely won’t need to make repairs or clean. But, this will be reflected in the offer your buyer makes.

We hope you found this blog post on 3 Critical Things To Consider When Moving Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on Moving into a New House? Checklist for a Hassle-Free Move for more great tips!

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