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Moving to a new house or apartment gives you immense excitement– there are several possibilities you can do with a bare wall, canvas, or uncluttered space. But before you can start with the fun parts of having a new place, there are important things you need to do– deep cleaning the house and dry cleaning every linen and garment you have.

Your new place is not the only thing that will need freshening up after the move. Your garments and linens need attention also. After you put your coats, sweaters, linens, comforters into storage, there’s something you should never forget– having them professionally dry cleaned.

If you are not yet convinced, here are three reasons why you should dry clean everything in your closet after a move:

Prevent Permanent Stains and Discoloration

You may assume that most of the clothes and linens that you put away are already clean, especially if you have home washed them and only use them often. But when you unpack your garments, check them and you will be surprised how some of them have stains and discolorations.

Do not let these stains set on your clothes. Dry cleaners can help you remove several types of stains, even those unnoticeable discolorations and stains. Always have your clothes professionally cleaned before you put them in storage to ensure they are safe in the storage for months. Moreover, any unseen particles that can cause discoloration on the clothes are removed by dry cleaning.

Avoid Infestation of Insects or Pests

Aside from discoloration and permanent stains, infestation is a problem when putting clothes and linens in storage. Insect or pest infestation is common on clothes that were not properly cleaned. Even if you shake your clothes, uncleaned garments are the perfect hideout for infestation. These little critters may have been on your clothes before or when you packed them.

That’s why your garments and linens should undergo dry cleaning before storing them. When they are dry cleaned by a professional, these insects have a low chance of survival. Moreover, their eggs will be removed from the clothes.

Hire a dry cleaning expert to keep your favorite clothes bug-free.

Maintain the Freshness of the Clothes

Dry clean your clothes before storing them in the closet to maintain their freshness.

If you store your clothes immediately without dry cleaning them, its existing smell will grow stronger. The dust or other unpleasant aroma will settle in the clothing. You do not want your clothes to have a permanent musty, stale smell, after you get them months after in the closet, right?

That’s why you should hand every clothing or linen that you are about to store in your closet to professional dry cleaners. Dry cleaning services will help your clothes have a fresh smell.

Bonus Tip on How to Store Garments and Linens

When you put away your seasonal clothes, it takes more than simply putting them in your closet. You have to ensure that your garments can survive their hibernation period. Since you had them dry cleaned by a professional, follow these bonus storage tips:

  • Store in plastic bins: Do not store your clothes in cardboard boxes. It will invite insects to eat your clothes. Store them in plastic bins to ensure they are safe.
  • Use cedar balls: Cedar balls are a natural repellent for moths and other insects. If you are used to using mothballs to ward off pests, stop doing it as they can damage your clothes.
  • Do not vacuum seal your clothes: You might think putting your clothes in a vacuum seal is a good idea. However, it is not good for the clothes – it will compress the fibers which may result in permanent warp and damage. You have to let your clothing breathe while they are inside the closet.

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Consider Professional Cleaning Services

You might be overwhelmed with the stress brought by the moving process, and there a lot of things you have to take care of after the move. If you do not have time and energy to deep clean the house and dry clean your linens and garments, consider hiring a maid service or professional cleaning service.

Professional cleaning services are experts at their job. They can clean quickly and efficiently to save you a lot of stress. You can ask for a cleaning quote to determine the terms and price of their services. In most cases, the professional help you get and the quality they provide is worth the cost.

We hope you found this blog post 3 Reasons To Dry Clean Everything in Your Closet After a Move useful. Be sure to check out our post How To Do A Thorough Cleaning In The House for more great tips!


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